Are you concerned about your child’s health? Or is it that every time your little one falls sick, you can’t help but worry constantly about how to ensure his/her good health and proper growth? Well, then, you must have been overlooking something important like routine visits to the paediatrician. 

Yes, making regular visits to the doctor play a crucial role in ensuring a child's wellbeing, and there are many established medical centres in Malaysia that you can choose from. Let's take a look at why a regular body checkup is important for your kids.

Healthy Child

Monitoring The Development and Growth

When it comes to monitoring the development and growth of your child, a paediatrician has a crucial role to play. When you take your child to regular visits to a paediatrician, the doctor can determine whether your child is developing and growing as he/she should. Monitoring how much a child has grown since the last visit a paediatrician can help in determining whether or not the growth is as per the child’s age and height.

Prevention of Illnesses and Risk of Diseases

Getting your child his/her scheduled immunizations is the best way you can offer maximum protection against developing any infections and viral diseases. With so many immunizations being there at different intervals, it may be difficult for the parents to keep a track. However, a regular visit to a paediatric doctor can help your child get the vaccinations on time.

Talking About the Concerns as A Parent

As a parent, it's not unnatural to be concerned about your child's growth, health, social and mental development. In case you notice anything that worries you about your child's safety and well beings, such as the behavioural changes or eating habits etc., a paediatrician is the best person to talk with. Regularly taking your child to the doctor simply lets you share your concerns with a professional who can actually help.

Obtain Knowledge and Guidance

Visiting a paediatrician gives you an opportunity to obtain necessary medical advice that can be best for your child. As a child continues to develop physically and mentally, it’s important that you know about his/her growing nutritional requirements, physical fitness needs etc. to help your child grow properly. Consulting with a paediatrician lets you obtain the necessary knowledge.


Remember, every child needs to visit the doctor at least once every year so that the doctor can ensure good health and identify if there's any health issue developing. Identifying health risks in children in their early stages can help in treatment and thus makes routine visits to paediatrician a wise decision. So, fix your appointment now with one of the most specialized child care centres in Malaysia.
Have you considered attending antenatal or baby care and parenting classes? If not, then know that attending parenting talks and workshops, also known as prenatal classes, can be more beneficial to your journey to motherhood than you can imagine.

As an expectant mother, it's important that you know the facts and details associated with pregnancy and childbirth in order to prevent developing pregnancy complications due to misconceptions. Antenatal classes and parental workshops provided by the best mother and child centres in Malaysia prepare expectant parents to take better care of the new mum as well as the new-born.

Parenting Talks & Workshop

Makes You Prepared for Labour

Attending antenatal classes and talks are very much helpful in preparing the new-mums for the delivery while teaching them a lot about what to expect and do before, during and after delivery. From knowing the signs and symptoms of labour to the different stages of labour, breathing and relaxation skills, attending antenatal classes can make the new-mums learn a lot of things.

Boosts Your Confidence, Involves Your Partner

Antenatal classes play a significant role in boosting your confidence level as you proceed towards your new journey as a mother. Helping you to embrace motherhood more confidently, prenatal workshops can be extremely effective in involving your partner in your pregnancy. Yes, these workshops help your better-half feel a part of your journey, encouraging him to help you cope with the pregnancy-related discomforts, such as breathing issues, pain etc.

Teaches You to Take Care of Your Baby

For the new-mums attending pre-natal workshops and talks can prove to be extremely beneficial as they guide about caring for the new-born as well. As many first-time mothers find the thought of taking care of their tiny little new-born all by themselves quite challenging, ante-natal classes teach you how to take care of your baby in the right way.

Gives You Early Parenting Tips

The tips and guidance antenatal classes and talks offer don't end with the delivery. Their guidance helps with early parenting as well. From offering ante-natal checkups to teaching the expecting mothers the importance of breastfeeding, why it is crucial to take care of their own health, and the benefits of other post-delivery confinement practices, pre-natal classes prepare the new parents in every way possible.


Often people assume that antenatal classes talk about gory details of delivery and hence, become scared of attending it. However, in reality, antenatal workshops and talks, like one offering by Baby Academy in Kuala Lumpur, helps you understand pregnancy and childbirth in detail, saving pregnant ladies from being confused and scared of labour.
Everyone in Malaysia knows about the mysterious Mount Kinabalu. The closer that one journeys towards its famous jagged profile, which is often wreathed in feathery clouds, the better one understands the meaning the mount has for the local Kadazan and Dusun People: Aki Nabalu; or Reserved Place of the Dead. On the forbidding peaks were said to be the spirits of the tribes dead ancestors, and no-one dared climb to the top to disturb them.

The Summit of Mount Kinabalu
The Summit of Mount Kinabalu

Where does the name of Mount 'Kinabalu' come from?

Another origin given to the name seems less likely, and is probably more recent. Kinabalu was though to mean Chinese Widow, 'Kina' being a corruption of China and 'Balu' a dialectical word for widow. The story goes that a Chinese prince came to Kinabalu in search of a giant pink pearl guarded by a ferocious dragon. 

He married a local Dusun woman, but on finding himself homesick for his native land, he deserted her and returned to China. For the rest of her life, his poor wife wandered aimlessly on the mountain until she turned into a stone. You will see her of you climb to the peak.

In spite of the taboos and myths surrounding the mountain, Hugh Low, a young British officer, was still keen to reach the top. Climbing Mount Kinabalu in 1851, Low was accompanied by a local chief and his guides. 

Struggling through the intense tangle of vegetation, which covers the lower slopes of the mountain, Low eventually reached the summit plateau, but owing to a faulty barometer, was unable to locate the true summit. 

He made a second unsuccessful attempt in 1858. The honor of reaching the small peak marking the summit (4101 meters) went to naturalist John Whitehead, who named it Lows Peak after the earlier climber.

The mountain is said to be growing still at half a centimeter a year. Relatively young, its jagged crown was sculpted by the last ice age, about 9,000 years ago. Although Kinabalu Peak is below the snow line, it grows cold enough here in August for ice to form in the rock pool at the base of the summit, and snowflakes sometimes fall.

Low's Gully of Mount Kinabalu
The Low's Gully of Mount Kinabalu

The Lows Gully of Mount Kinabalu

Dropping away 1,800 meters straight downwards is the terrifying Lows Gully, its name being a typical piece of British understatement.

To get to the top, one does not have to spend days cutting through tropical rain forest before reaching the granite slopes, unlike Lows first ascent. Well-laid trails with steps and rails made of wood help today's climber ascend and descend the mountain in just two days.

Accommodation is available both at the peak headquarters and on the mountain slopes. Mountain accommodation is mostly basic hunt with sleeping bags for hire and cooking facilities, with the exception of Laban Rata, which has a restaurant and centrally-heated rooms. 

At the headquarters, accommodation ranges from hotel to chalet to dormitory-styles sleeping. There are also two restaurants and a shop that sell basic food supplies for climbers. In the main administration building, there is an exhibit detailing the mountain flora and fauna; in the basement is a film about the park. 

Laban Rata, Mount Kinabalu
Laban Rata - The Rest-house of Mount Kinabalu

Head to Mount Kinabalu

The easiest way to reach Kinabalu Park from Kota Kinabalu (the capital of Sabah) is by minibus, leaving frequently from 7.00 am onward from near the town Padang Merdeka. The trip takes a little 2 hours and the driver will turn off the main road to drop traveler at the park entrance. 

A large bus leaves for Ranau at 8.00 am daily, but is slower and drop passengers off about 50 meters form the entrance of the park. It is also possible to book a package tour through any tour operator.

Before leaving the city you should book accommodation at the Sabah Parks Office. Also stock up on food if you want to do your own cooking, as the shop at headquarters is limited mainly to noodles and chocolate. Other useful equipment includes a hat and gloves, as it can be extremely cold on the summit, and some kind of waterproof garment to protect from the frequent rainfalls. 

If possible, leave most luggage at a luggage storage area at the headquarters. The air is thinner on the mountain, and even the lightest pack can feel very heavy after a while. A torch is also useful for the final ascent, which starts long before dawn. 

On the way to Kinabalu Park, you will pass through Tamparuli, 47 kilometers north of Kota Kinabalu. Less than a kilometer past this town, say goodbye to the level ground as the road begins to ascend the foothills. Although the landscape is often swathed in cloud, the mountain cant be far away because ear begin to pop.

Arriving at the Base of Mount Kinabalu

On arrival at the reception, park rangers will confirm bookings, including the huts on the mountain. Maps, books, souvenirs and films are available at the souvenirs store. You might choose not to climb the same day you arrive, so make yourself comfortable in your accommodation, acclimatize to the cool air, check out the exhibition center with displays on the park and the mountain, and explore the fascinating Mountain Kinabalu Botanical Garden near the administration building.

Mountain Botanical Garden at Mount Kinabalu
The Botanical Garden of Mount Kinabalu

Although Mount Kinabalu is one of the easiest mountains to climb, it is foolish to hop straight from the office and onto a plane, and then run up the trail. Some regular exercise is recommended before climbing, so that’s you won’t come off the mountain a wreck of cramps, headaches and fatigue.

Just before the trails begins, there is a rather forbidding notice placed by the park authorities, listing ailments not recommended for those intending to climb the mountain: hypertension, diabetes, obesity, chronic asthma, heart diseases, arthritis, anemia, ulcers, hepatitis, muscular cramps and epilepsy. 

Climbing 1,500 meters in one day from the power station above the headquarters to Panar Laban hut does take inordinate reserve of strength and zest for those who lead a sedentary life. Although experienced and intrepid climbers have climbed the mountain in a day, most people have an interest no just in getting to the top, but in fully experiencing the views, and the areas flora and fauna. 

Attached to the headquarters, but not directly employed by them, are a team of local guides, who for a fee will accompany visitors up the mountain. If interested in the mountain flora, you should be sure that your guide is knowledgeable and also speak passable English.

One of the personalities of Kinabalu is Awok, a Dusun Women barely 1.5 meters tall, who chews betel nut, rolls her own cigarettes and presides over no less than 15 grandchildren. She is one of the mountains posters, her size belying her strength. 

Into her wakid basket slung on the back, she stuffs a heavy knapsack, camera equipment and cans of food, and strides up the mountain trail, leaving unburdened climbers straggling and huffing far behind.

Porters like Awok are hired at the park headquarters and will carry luggage as far as Panar Laban hut. Here they stop and wait for your exhilarated but exhausted faces to appear following morning before beginning the descent. Fees depend on how heavy your luggage is; anything over 10 kilo-grams will cost more.

Climbing Mount Kinabalu in the Morning
Climb the Mount Kinabalu in the morning to enjoy the fascinating sunrise

Climbing up the Mount Kinabalu in the Morning

From the hut, climbing begins at 7.00 am; make sure you have a bar or two of chocolate in your pocket, not a luxury but a necessity here, giving instant energy for the climb and the cold. You should also bring some headache tablets; as you will be climbing to a great height very quickly, you may suffer from headaches because of the altitude.

Passing the welcoming gate at the power station (with the slogan of Selamat Mendaki - Happy Climbing), the first steps lead downward into a small, lush valley with a waterfall. After the waterfalls, the climb begins, at firstly gently, later steeply through tropical rain forest.

All around are some of the parks 1,500 species of orchids, clinging to mossy trees trunks and surrounded by swinging vines. Steep and arduous stairs leading ever upwards are happily spaced out between gentler paths. 

Small rest huts and viewpoints are positioned all the way up the trail to give the out-of-breath climber an excuse to stop and admire the view. Don't bother to bring water, as there is pure mountain water available at all rest stops.

At 1,300 meters, the vegetation on either side of the trail begins to change from lowland rain-forest into oak and chestnut forest together with temperature plants, such as ferns and small flowering plants.

Proceeding up to the next level of vegetation, one has the feeling of growing larger the higher one climbs. The trail began with huge trees towering above; now the trees have shrunk and you are almost the tallest thing in the landscape. 

At 2,600 meters, the biggest plant is but a small gnarled tree, twisted and bent and wrinkled by the mountain air. Although small, some are believed to be more than 100 years old. The soil is poor here, and lichens cling desperately to the little trees.

Shorter Plant are seen at higher point of Mount Kinabalu
At the higher point of Mount Kinabalu, plants are shorter and less trees can be seen

The soil disappears altogether at 3,300 meters and the granite body of the mountain reveals itself. Only sedge, grasses and tiny alpine-looking flowers, cling to the rocky crevices where a bit of soil might remain.

Just when you thought you'd left all civilization far below on the trail now a hazy ribbon in the afternoon mist, you arrive at a series of huts and the rest-house where you will spend the night.

A leisurely climb should get you here by around 2.00 pm. At Panar Laban, you can retreat into the cozy Laban Rata rest-house. There is a simple restaurant, as well as warm rooms and hot water. A little further up the slope is Gunting Lagadan Hotel which has dormitory rooms, sleeping bags for hire, and a basic kitchen equipped with cooking utensils and electricity.

Once you've stop climbing, you will begin to feel the cold, so even if you don't feel like eating, have some hot soup and filling food. You will now be able to rest and think about your achievement so far but alas! The path you so strenuously climbed has been lost in the mountain mists.

If it isn't raining, some climbers rest here briefly and then continue climbing for another one and a half hour to Sayat-Sayat Hut, which allows for a later rising time the following morning. 

Nigh Sky View at Sayat-Sayat Hut at Mount Kinabalu
The beautiful night sky-view that you don't want to miss at Sayat-Sayat Hut

The Night at Mount Kinabalu

Many climbers find it hard to sleep on the mountain because of the thin air and the headaches caused by the altitude. Yet, you will need to go to sleep extra early to be able to struggle out of a bed at 2.00 am (your guide will wake you). 

Take a hot drink before starting the climb around 3.00 am. If you have a thermos flask, heat some water and fill the flask with sweet tea fir a reviving drink at the summit. Don't forget to stuff dome more chocolate into your pocket and bring your raincoat. Other than cameras, everything else can be left at the hut for retrieval on the way down.

Soon you will be climbing rock faces of granite in pitch black as you hold onto the rope systems that guide the way. The steepness of the incline is difficult to gouge in the dark, though, and the granite slopes can be slippery after a night rain. 

Summiting the Mount Kinabalu

With an early start, you will be laboring up the slabs of granite with the peak in sight just as the skies begin to lighten. Here the granite rock, bared to the winds, in crumbling and broken, but at last Lows Peak rises up. 

The sun rises over the horizon like a brilliant apricot, the landscape absorbing the morning light. On a clear day, the lights of Kota Kinabalu and the coast and then the outlines of Tunku Abdul Rahman Islands are visible.

Summit of Mt Kinabalu
Once you at the summit of the Mount Kinabalu, all the tiredness just went off and it's time to celebrate your glory!

Venturing a look down into the depths of Lows Gully, the views is awe-inspiring. This does indeed seem a place for spirits, for a few mortals could long endure the harsh weather that sweeps away the offerings of sacrificial chickens and eggs, tobacco, betel nut, sirih leaves, limes and rice left here by the Dusun. 

Depending on one's guide and the strength of his beliefs, he may decide to make offerings while you are gushing over the landscapes beauty. The guide may also be carrying personal charms: special pieces of wood, human teeth and other items with protecting properties.

Way down from the peak of Mt Kinabalu
The way down may be much difficult due to the steep and slippery on the mountain surface after the night

The Way Down from Mount Kinabalu

The decent can be more leisurely, especially by climbers still glowing with success of having reached the summit. After collecting belongings from Panar Laban, one continues down through unique vegetation, such as the pitcher plants, that may have been missed on the ascent. 

Many climbers find the way down harder than the climb up, for the relentless steps leading over downwards soon turn firm legs into jelly.

On arrival of the park headquarters, you can rightfully claim your badge commemorating your ascent, only for sole to those who have made it to the top (your guide can act as witness).

Additional: World's Largest Flower

Many climbers leave the Mount Kinabalu the same day or the day after they have made the climb. But if time permits, you should stay in the area a couple of days or more, both to rest and to explore the jungle around the headquarters, which us neatly laid out in trails for nature lovers. A guide can introduce you to Kinabalus magnificent flora and fauna, some of it unique not only in the region, but on the planet.

Amongst the rare plants found here are the famous Rafflesia, the largest flower in the world, measuring up to over one meter across, and nine species of pitcher plants. In 1858, the explorer spencer St John chanced upon a huge specimen of the latter than contained approximately one gallon (4 liters) of rain water, as well as a dead rat!

The parks 750 square kilometers are unique in the world of flora, containing plants from almost every area on earth: the Himalayas, China, Australia, New Zealand, alpine Europe and even America. There are 1,500 species of orchids (from the Worlds largest to the Worlds tiniest), 26 kinds of rhododendron and 60 types of oak and chestnut, as well as 80 species of fig trees.

Animals found here include the famous orangutans, gibbons, leaf-monkeys, tarsiers,pangolin (scaly anteaters), wild pig and deer, and a whole host of flying animals; some of them very rare indeed in other parts of Malaysia. These latter include flying squirrels,lemurs, snakes, and lizards. Reported to be found here but seldom seem is the very rareclouded leopard.

The 518 species of birds include several kinds of hornbills, the scarlet sunbird, the mountain bush warbler, the pale-faced bulbul, the mountain blackeye, and the mountains own Kinabalu friendly warbler. Around the areas water falls, look for the lovely butterflies, some as large as birds, and the less easy-to-see stick insects, well camouflaged to the human eye. You may also catch sight of squirrels, lizards, tree-shrews and bats. 
There is more to a quality life than just simply having your essential survival needs fulfilled and more to health than just the nonexistent of sickness. A sensation of healthy, no matter is your personal lifestyle, arise from a positive attitude and an appreciation of day-to-day gratification. 

Quality of Life is a moderately new thought. Quality of life goes beyond the physical health state – it takes in mental and emotional factors, as well.

Quality of Life’ is a relatively new idea, but it’s a concept that doctors and psychologists are beginning to emphasis. Modern medicine has given us more years of life, but often these are marred by chronic illness, loneliness and loss of independence. Quality of life goes beyond physical health – it takes in psychological and emotional factors, too.

Healthy Lifestyle: Quality of Life

Travel with Foreign Language

In today's society, many people are aware of the advantages of learning more languages.  To make things simple, learning a new language can be rewarding at any stage of life. These advantages can positively benefit college students, young job seekers and world travelers. Here are a few of the most notable benefits of learning a new language.

Job Preservation

No 1: Job Preservation

Knowledge of a foreign language is so important securing and maintaining employment, particularly in a competitive situation. Having a second or third language can be an added value to an applicant's record. For example, a person has a better chance of securing and has less risk of being fired if he knows a foreign language.


No 2: Increased confidence

Exploring a new language as a student is rewarding and thrilling. The feeling of accomplishment is important to ignite deeper and broader passion for learning a new language. For example, children learning a second language in primary school can develop self-confidence because they think they are better than their friends.

No 3: Additional Compensation

A number of employers are willing to offer extra compensation to employees who have a certificate in foreign language. Knowledge in a foreign language is useful, especially if companies are relocating a business or expanding into other markets. In addition, the ability to read two languages is significantly impressive by all employers. For example, company offers a higher salary for applicant possesses knowledge of languages are in high demand like Arabic, Japanese and Mandarin.

Broader view

No 4: Broader view

Traveling overseas is an enjoyable and rewarding experience for everyone. But going abroad and knowing the language of your destination lets you to do more than just traveling. Knowing the language, you understand the culture better and the life of this new world more than an ordinary visitor.

You will certainly benefit from learning more languages. You will discover more opportunities and ideas you have never came across before. Tell us more benefits that you think of learning new language in the comment below! Happy Learning! 

Semester Break Part Time Job

Semester breaks vary in length by university and colleges. However, finding a job during the semester break can be challenging for a student.

Today, D. Simple Life put together these Top 10 Semester Break Jobs for Malaysia University & College Students.

2017 Update: The world is changing, so do the job market. In June 2017, we update this post to include more information and resources to help university & college students find their desired part time job.

This update include new information & resources such as: 
  1. Skills Required,
  2. Experience & Training,
  3. Additional Benefits, and
  4. Where you can find the job

1) Restaurant Waiter

Restaurant Waiter - Semester Break Work

Skills: Working as a waiter or waitress during your semester break could be the best and easiest job ever. This job involves mostly practical and customer service skills (check here for more waiter or waitress skills).

Experience & Training: Restaurant owner often welcome candidates with no prior experience and On Job Training will be available. As a higher education student, who manage to ‘survive’ through the examination and the abundant of assignments, should not find this job especially difficult. 

Additional Benefits: Some restaurant even have the tipping system, which collected tips will be equally distributed among the staffs, but as we acknowledged that this system only applied for full-time staff. So don’t be disappointed if you didn’t receive any tips (Malaysian does not have the habit to tip). 

Despite not having the tips, you will still get free meal for working as a part-timer (most restaurant & cafe provide at least one meal). So, work at your favorite restaurant and you can eat the free food until you get sick of it. 

If you doubt about the benefits & costs of the job, you may read the Pros and Cons of Being a Waiter or Waitress to find out more! 

Where to find: You may apply for a part-time waiter or waitress position at any restaurant nearby your neighborhood. New cafe or coffee house usually welcome university and college students to join their workforce. 

Facebook Group is another wonderful resources for waiter or waitress part-time job. Join Facebook Group such as - Malaysia part time & full time jobsFreelance & Part-Time Jobs MalaysiaMalaysia Part Time and Full Time Jobs, and many more - then check for any available vacancy. Just keep in mind that jobs are limited and there are thousands of individual like you searching and applying for the same job, so remember to state your strength and competitive advantage in the application. Also, approach the person-in-charge in a courteous manner and make a good first impression may win you the job. 

Lastly, hundreds and thousands of jobs are available on the online job portals. Part Time Post is one of the famous Malaysia part-time job platform. Just search for the waiter in the search bar of 'Any Job Function' and you will find several jobs (mostly in Klang Valley). 

Semester Break Waiter Part Time Job in PartTimePost
How to search for part-time waiter job in PartTimePost

Job Street is another well-known job portals. Again, search for terms ‘waiter part-time’ in the search bar and select your location to seek for open vacancy. Please note that most open vacancy only accept full-time staff in Job Street, so make sure they accept part-time staff before you drop your application.

Semester Break Part-Time Waiter Job in Job Street
How to search for part-time waiter job in Job Street

2) Babysitting

Semester Break Job - Babysitter

Skills: Babysitting job not just being a nanny who spent days and night watching after the kids, you can also work at a Daycare center. At Daycare, you will be responsible to take care of the children’s homework, playtime and other daily activities. If you are excellent in taking care of children, this would be the place you want to look for your temporary work. Check for Skills and Qualities for a Babysitter, if you were unsure about your quality being a babysitter. 

Experience & Training: The demand of Day-care has been rising as the economic raise (Malay Mail Online, 2014); so did the job market in this field. Working parents now expect these Daycare centers to take care of their children while they were busy working for the living. This open up more opportunities for higher education students with minimum experience to get a part-time job in the Daycare center. 

On Job Training will be available, and once again, university or college student will not have hard time to deal with the children’s homework, all you need is not to lose your patient with these little angels (or demons, sometimes). 

Remember, despite you only work as a part-timer there, but kids may see you as important as anyone in their life, so your words and actions are going to influence them, now or in the future. Be a good leader and role model is important to work in a Daycare.

Additional Benefits: You will definitely learn much about patient and anger management working in a Daycare center. Additional leadership skills may be developed, as you now are the ‘mother hen’ for these children. Other parenting skills such as changing diapers, child safety and health and relationship skills can be learn as well. If you would like to know more about parenting skill, check out Better Parenting site. 

Lastly, this could be a well-paid work for student, however, it’s not an easy task after all. As the saying goes, "Children are Angels, until they learned to speak". But, if you are a super child-lover, there no job like this one would fit you best. 

Where to find: One awesome site to find for a babysitter job is GreatAuPair. Go to the site and click on the cities to check for available babysitter job. Parents will post their request on the page with the information include – weekly rate, hours per week, experience required and the time frame for the job. Most weekly rate is negotiable and depending on the hours per week required to take care of their child. Try look for jobs that required shorter time frame and limited experience (None or 1 year). 

Semester Break Part-Time Babysitter Job in GreatAuPair
Search for babysitting job that require shorter time frame and limited experience

More information (nationality, child’s age, religion…) will be shown after you clicked on individual post. Sign up is needed to apply for the job. Please be careful when you disclose your personal and credit information to the site. 

Secondly, you can search for Daycare job at Job Street and Part Time Post. Enter 'part time daycare' in the search box to find suitable vacancy. 

We did not manage to find much related job in both Job Street and Part Time Post, so let go back to the traditional method, head to the Daycare center nearby your house and ask for any available vacancy.

Some may not have any listing or notice about hiring, but you can also walk in and ask them politely. Optionally, give them a call or WhatsApp (recommended) to see whether they need an extra hand to deal with those little angels. Last reminder, don't hesitate to show your love to the kids!

3) Data Entry Job

Semester Break Job - Data Entry

Skills: Data Entry Job is where an agency/company having too many workloads and required a part-timer to complete their simple information entry works, as their full time (Professional or Experienced) employees can work on more skillful tasks. This position is in a high demand as the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) would like to save their cost and hire a Part Time Data Entry. 

It basically involves entering information into an electronic form using word processing or data processing software. Require minimum computer skills and basic knowledge to work with the software. Students should have learn these skills either in their secondary school or in their higher education. If you're not so sure or want to advance your skills in these softwares, check here out these training course for Microsoft ExcelMicrosoft Word or PDF.

The data entry job ranging from arranging sales data, financial data (more like bookkeeping), and other customer's information. You may work with a company, which some required to be on-site (to be in the office), while some allow you to work at home. 

Working with company you can expect at least RM 300 (small company) and up to RM 1000 for skilled-position (e.g. Account Clerks). While the work-at-home usually paying lower rate and pay for the quantity of work completed, no matter how much time you spent on it. 

Experience & Training: Require no prior experience, as long as you know how to use the software that they requested on. Basic explanation on how to arrange the data will be discussed, formal training will not be required. 

Additional Benefits: Many part-time jobs are not suitable to be include in the resume (working experience as waiter when you apply for accountant position may not be relevant), data entry, however, is another case. Let say you're applying for an accountant position, having data entry working experience means you may have experience with bookkeeping, arranging financial documents, and ability to use financial software (Excel is usually the basic). 

Your manager will understand that learning these in the textbook is totally different from learning practically. Therefore, these data entry jobs may just filled your job application and make you a more 'experienced' candidates. 

Just bear in mind that the data entry job may be quite boring and monotonous. For people who seek interesting and challenging jobs, this is definitely not going to suit you. 

Where to find: There are many places that you can find a data entry job. The less formal place to go is Facebook Page (example: Jobs - Data Entry / Admin Malaysia). But, lets be honest, we don’t 100% recommend this source. There would be a higher chance that you put yourself in danger or contributing free work for others if you get a data entry job through Facebook. A reader shares his experience of working long hour working with abundant of data and end up earning just a little.

Hence, we encourage students to search for this job with more established channel - freelance site - for instances. At these sites, the income or payment is secured by the third party (the site). The client must has sufficient credit in their balance to hire someone, and once you're hired, the site automatically keep the specific amount of pay in their system and will release to your account once the job is completed and accepted by the client. There are thousands of freelance site, but some popular one are UpworkFreelancer, Truelancer, PeoplePerHour, Guru, Project4Hire, and Freelancing. for Freelance Job
Register and search for data entry jobs in these freelance sites.

All these freelance platform required registration and one works differently from others. The first model is where clients post their jobs and you (as a freelancer) apply to the job and place your best price for the service. The another model is you post your service, and your clients approach. Later model can be seen in Fiverr, Fourerr, and Zeerk.

Whatever how the freelance site works, we encourage you to understand how the site works and the terms and condition before putting your head into the freelance world. Remember, violating some rules may risk penalizing your account and freezing your income. for Freelance Jobs
Fiverr is a freelance site that you can post your data entry service for sale.

Lastly, don't forget to check out the online job portal - Job Street and Part Time Post. You may sometimes found one or two part time data entry job here.

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4) Promoters

Semester Break Job - Promoter

It is undeniable that the most common job for students is the Promoter. Shopping centers are looking for extra help around this time of year (Festival Season). It not an difficult task to get a promoter position. After all, we would advise you to understand your interest and work for what you passionate in. To make it simple, if you doesn't like pets, make sure you don't work in a pet store. 

Moreover, always understand the terms and condition before working. Promoter is not a well-paid job (Except for Luxury Product's Promoter), so if you really want to earn more, you will need to work hard to get more sales in order to earn more commission. Remember, "commission" is the gold mine in promoter job. Always ask for the basic pay and the commission pay, mostly are 5 ~ 10%, depending on the product selling. 

To get a promoter job, head to the nearest shopping and search for any shop that paste the notice of available vacancy. Walk in or call the person in-charge to arrange an interview. The other way is to stay alert on the internet for any Event, Fair or Exhibition that recruiting promoter. 

Just a quick reminder, if you're not an extrovert, then promoter would not be the best choice for you.

5) Bookstores


Another great working opportunity for university student would be in bookstores, usually as a store assistance or general employees, where basically do all the book arranging, stock managing, cashier, and customer service. They may shift you from one position to another when needed, so don't get surprised when they ask you to help with those heavy boxes.

D. Simple Life has made a little survey on the market as Popular offers the part time opportunity, especially during their Exhibition, which run throughout the year at different location. Check out their page for more detail.

Secondly, Pustaka Rakyat will be the runner-up who also providing working opportunities for part time student, however, their branch are relatively fewer, compared to Popular and other.

Other options would be Borders, MPH, and Kinokuniya which offers a limited number of part time position. There are also small local bookstores around your residential area, contact them to inquire about part time position.

6) Paid Seasonal Internships


Alright, there is companies looking for interns to fill their empty position in the company. These positions are always available because companies would spend less to employ an intern compared to a full time employee. Don't get fed up when you heard the lesser pay, some company pay up to RM 1000 for intern, especially for skilled position, including, programming, accounting, technician, construction, science-related, engineering-related and other job. 

Get in contact with the HR department of a company related to your field and propose an internship for an extra hand help at the office during your semester break.

7) Tutoring

Tutor Job Malaysia

If you are very patient (or strict) and love to teach, why don't consider to be a tutor. There wouldn't be much problem for a university/college student to teach secondary or primary students. All you need you to get your mind, refresh on those syllabus learnt back in the days. 

There are basically 3 ways to get a tutor job. First, head to a Tuition Center and ask for a position. This way is the most effective (perhaps, the fastest) way to get a tutor job. The particular center will be testing your teaching ability before they actually employ you. Moreover, you stand a chance to get a long-term part time position here. 

Secondly, Home Tuition is another way of getting a tutor job. To be a home tutor, you will require own transportation to travel to your student's house. You may register on the Home Tuition Website to post your skill and experience allow parents to approach you. These are several sites: Tuition Job, My Private Tutor, and Tuition Plaza

You may also consider teaching near your neighborhood. If you are staying in an apartment, the boy and girl next door would be your customer. Ask their parents kindly to offer your service. If you have been treating them well, they will definitely accept the offer.

8) IT Freelance

Semester Break Job - IT Freelance

As we have mentioned-above, IT-related field could bring great pay for student as they are skilled-position and highly demanded in Malaysia Market. Bear in mind, most SME just started to take their step forward to this IT field and require some help (especially the cost-saving one). So it's time for all the IT expert to grab their gagdets and head to the front-line. Freelance Job Platform such as Freelancer and Upwork are the best sources for students who like to work at home. You can also search for local Part Time Job Site like Part Time Post

The job ranging from programming, web development, mobile development, designer, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM).... Remember, the pay-scale depends on your skill, quality of work, and the difficulty of the tasks. (Of course, it's also depends who you work with)

9) Be a distributor

Being a distributor may not be everyone favors, but it's no doubt the easiest job that you could get. Advertising companies are consistently seeking for flyer distributor to give away their handbills. 

The distributor is not limited to distributing flyers, there are also distributors work for handing out sample, usually during the events or exhibitions. 

To get a distributor job, head to any flyer printing shop around your house and ask for any distributing position. 

10) Writer


This is always my favorite job during the semester break! Working as an online writer is challenging, especially when you were asked to write topic out of your niche. This happens quite frequently when you are working with an article writing company. So, get yourself out of the comfort zone and start learning something new today!

Just like other freelance job, freelance writer can enjoy flexible working hour and environment (mostly in your room or on your bed). Despite everyone can write, but not everyone can create quality contents.

Freelance writer jobs can be found at any of the Freelance Job Platform. If you think that you're a skillful writer, why don't you consider to offer your writing service on Fiverr? For an entry-level writer, don't expect online writing is just the same as writing an essay in your examination. You will need to equip yourself with some SEO Writing Skill before you can get your step into this field. 

Wrap Up

That's the end of the list. For students who would like to have ease of finding part-time job in the next semester break, we suggest you to start building your network. Networking is so important when looking for employment opportunity, not just for part-time work, but for your career building as well.

Many open vacancies do not published on website or any channel. Having more friends will help you to secure some of these precious working opportunity. Develop you networking skills with these 5 steps from Entrepreneur.

Lastly, we kindly remind you to ensure your safety when approaching new employers or conducting transaction online. When in doubt, don't accept the job, better to be safe than sorry.

We will continue updating this blog, just show us your support by sharing this blog post, using the social button on the left. To keep yourself update with our blog, subscribe to our email list. D. Simple Life wish you a Happy Semester Break and All the Best! 

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