Mount Kinabalu - Highest Mountain in the Southeast Asia

Everyone in Malaysia knows about the mysterious Mount Kinabalu. The closer that one journeys towards its famous jagged profile, which is often wreathed in feathery clouds, the better one understands the meaning the mount has for the local Kadazan and Dusun People: Aki Nabalu; or Reserved Place of the Dead. On the forbidding peaks were said to be the spirits of the tribes dead ancestors, and no-one dared climb to the top to disturb them.

Where does the name of Mount 'Kinabalu' come from?
Another origin given to the name seems less likely, and is probably more recent. Kinabalu was though to mean Chinese Widow, 'Kina' being a corruption of China and 'Balu' a dialectical word for widow. The story goes that a Chinese prince came to Kinabalu in search of a giant pink pearl guarded by a ferocious dragon. 
He married a local Dusun woman, but on finding himself homesick for his native land, he deserted her and returned to China. For the rest of her life, his poor wife …

Quality of Life: Creating Well-Being

There is more to a quality life than just simply having your essential survival needs fulfilled and more to health than just the nonexistent of sickness. A sensation of healthy, no matter is your personal lifestyle, arise from a positive attitude and an appreciation of day-to-day gratification. 
Quality of Life is a moderately new thought. Quality of life goes beyond the physical health state – it takes in mental and emotional factors, as well.
Quality of Life’ is a relatively new idea, but it’s a concept that doctors and psychologists are beginning to emphasis. Modern medicine has given us more years of life, but often these are marred by chronic illness, loneliness and loss of independence. Quality of life goes beyond physical health – it takes in psychological and emotional factors, too.

Benefits for Learning More Language

In today's society, many people are aware of the advantages of learning more languages.  To make things simple, learning a new language can be rewarding at any stage of life. These advantages can positively benefit college students, young job seekers and world travelers. Here are a few of the most notable benefits of learning a new language.

No 1: Job Preservation Knowledge of a foreign language is so important securing and maintaining employment, particularly in a competitive situation. Having a second or third language can be an added value to an applicant's record. For example, a person has a better chance of securing and has less risk of being fired if he knows a foreign language.

No 2: Increased confidence Exploring a new language as a student is rewarding and thrilling. The feeling of accomplishment is important to ignite deeper and broader passion for learning a new language. For example, children learning a second language in primary school can develop self-confidence …

10 Best Jobs To Earn Money During Semester Break

Semester breaks vary in length by university and colleges. However, finding a job during the semester break can be challenging for a student.
Today, D. Simple Life put together these Top 10 Semester Break Jobs for Malaysia University & College Students.
2017 Update: The world is changing, so do the job market. In June 2017, we update this post to include more information and resources to help university & college students find their desired part time job.
This update include new information & resources such as:  Skills Required,Experience & Training,Additional Benefits, andWhere you can find the job
1) Restaurant Waiter

Skills: Working as a waiter or waitress during your semester break could be the best and easiest job ever. This job involves mostly practical and customer service skills (check here for more waiter or waitress skills).
Experience & Training: Restaurant owner often welcome candidates with no prior experience and On Job Training will be available. As a h…

Organ Donation

Most of us do not realise that we possess the ability to save other people’s lives. Many may say that this is impossible as we are not superheroes with power like Superman or Spiderman. However, it is possible, and any of us can save other people’s lives by donating our organs or tissue.

Learn First Aid

Everybody must learn basic first aid procedures. Basic first aid procedures are simple to learn and easy to remember. Basic first aid procedures make it easy to treat a range of injuries. For example, you may require saving someone at home, at work, at school or on holiday.

Healthy Lifestyle: Nutrition Tips for Busy Students

A student is often under a lot of stress. Examination, coursework, co-curriculum, academic or you might even struggle from a series of housework. Just right after all these stresses; you started to indulge yourself with food. Ice-cream, chocolate, burger, pasta and the list still go on! 
You pretty sure this isn’t a good idea for a healthy lifestyle. In addition, some busy students will find it even harder to have proper meals let alone a healthy meal. Day by day, your body is giving out signal to inform you they couldn’t function well without sufficient nutrition