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How to Manage Your Finances

Many young people do not know how to manage their finances making them to fall into bankruptcy. Follow these simple steps below to make the most of your money to pay expenses and even start saving.

1. Keep Track Of All Your Expenses. You need to know how you spend money in a monthly basis. Keep all your receipts, jot down all the cash you used and expenses using credit cards. Then, total it when it is the end of the month. For example, jotting down all the expenses give you a rough idea on how are you spending each month.

2. Make your own budget. It's your money; you need to control how you spend. The only person you can help when you are spending more than you earned is yourself. On the other hand, if you have idea how you spend your money, you can cut unnecessary expenditure. For example, if you have 500 dollars allocated to savings every month, you will be more consistent in practicing it.

3. Keep track of your budget over time. Your expenses may change as time passes. The gr…

Why Are We Having a Hard Time to Do Things That Are Good For Us?

I used to think that it was just me, that everyone else woke up with an enthusiast and an eager heart to do positive things for themselves. Things like yoga, painting or journaling. These things aren't exactly difficult to be done, it’s just that I’m so demotivated and  I've always engaged engaged in this internal debate that starts every time I wake up to a new day.

In time, I had to come face to face with self-acceptance. I had to accept that this is the way I am, but there had to be other factors as well. After sleepless nights and engaged conversations with a few friends who share the same struggle, I managed to come up with four factors. Perhaps if I could overcome the factors, things would be different- I would be different.

Evolving of things
When we employ activities like yoga, lending a hand at the charity center or journaling, we are prone to changes. Instinctively, this might raise a conflict with a desire for a good change; the kind that has urged us to begin in the…

How to Buy the Perfect Fit Clothing Online

Are you spending hours of your weekend searching through racks and baskets of clothing in shopping centers only to end up disappointed? This certainly describes my situation with traditional clothing shopping and that is why I have turned to shopping online for clothes. Here are a few ways how you should do your clothing shopping online! 

No 1: Know your measurements
Find your measure tape and sketch your chest/bust, waist, hips and arm. An easier way is to measure a piece of clothing that fits you ideally and use that it as a comparison. Of course, sizes can vary from brand to brand and country, so you may want to stick to your favorite brand for most things. If you find a particular brand looks really good on you, stick to that brand and just mix and match with the styles and colors. Also, look for size charts regarding inches or centimeters usually provided on the retailer's website can help you decide which size works best for you.

No 2: Research the site's reputation 
Make su…

Old Superstitions

Back in the old days, when people go through days in the absence of knowledge about science and technology, they had no clue why bad things happen and didn't know what they could blame on. It’s easier to compose a rumor made out of their ignorance and second-hand information took hold of their belief, and some of them even made every day routines to bring good luck or prevent bad omens. 
Fortunately, most of these beliefs were passed on to their children and grandchildren and have ceased to exist in this era. Here are some old superstitions a few of you might still believe.

7 years of bad luck if you break a mirror Luck and fortune work in a funny way. Often times, we create this routine and believe that if we do things in a certain manner, it would bring good luck and so we avoid things that could cause bad lucks to us. Over the years I've broken a few mirrors and I guess that explains why I've never won the lottery. 
Friday the 13th is an unlucky day Now how Friday the 13th d…

Ways to Improve your English Language

A lot of people would like to improve their English skills but they do not know how. So, if you too want to enhance your English skills, read these tips below and you'll be amazed at how fast you can learn more English.
No 1: Take an intensive course When you started the course, the knowledge you gained by speaking, listening are better than not taking that course. However, you cannot expect much improvement after attending a short course.  For example, engaging in an English course will certainly be the first step in improving your skills
No 2: Read an English Language Newspaper Every week, buy a copy of English language newspaper and read all the articles inside it. If you come across to vocabulary and phrases you do not understand, write it down. Then, you can ask your English teacher after class to explain to you. In addition, you can check the word in the dictionary. You can learn new English vocabulary constantly. For example, make a habit of reviewing vocabulary after reading…

4 Tips To Communicate With Parents

Often, parents and children find it hard to communicate with each other. Parents are scared whether they over-stepping their boundaries while children may think their parents may not be interested in their life. A number of simple steps for better communication between parents and children are listed s below.
No 1: Find common topic with your parents This is the easiest way to have a conversation with your parents. Find a good time and ask your parents questions about anything you need to know about these topics. For example, you and your dad are both into sports so talk about the game last night.
No 2: During dinner, try asking your parents about their day You can be surprised at how easily they will talk to you when you ask them simple question. Bear in mind that you have to open up to them also. For example, tell them what happened at school, or the new friend you met that you think your parents might like.
No 3: Respect them Don't act like you're not interested with that topic…