Pray for MH370

 Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 had disappeared after flying from Kuala Lumpur on Mar. 8. The flight was carrying people of 14 different nationalities such as Chinese, Malaysians, Indians, Indonesians and many more. After its disappearance, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook has become an international hub, for users from all over the world posting thoughtful messages and sending prayers to support for the still missing crew and passengers.

While the MH370 aircraft’s passenger is still missing, Malaysian is united in prayers for passengers, crews and their family members. Anxiety by family members of the passengers is shared not only by all of Malaysia but people around the world. There are plenty of messages written by the public expressing hope for the missing aircraft. In KLIA, public has displayed messages like “Don’t give up hope” and “come back very soon”.

These prayers were held in 1Malaysia spirit, regardless of the race and religion of those in the flight.  All Christians are encouraged to pray for the affected families members in their daily prayers during Lent. Lent is when a Christian season of preparation before Easter which last about forty days. On the other hand, a group of Sikh priests had gathered with the local residents to pray for the safety of all those involved in the incident and for new leads to be found. At the same time, Muslims held a solat hajat prayer at the mosque to seek divine guidance for those affected.

Volunteer rescue workers and religious organizations were seen praying in multi-religion mass prayers for the passengers of the flight at the Airport in Sepang .Let us unite together and pray that everyone in MH370 is safe and sound. Praying, crying and hoping against hope are what the anxious family members have been doing while waiting for some news of their loved ones.