Healthy Lifestyle: 5 Steps to Healthier Life

Healthy living is easy to acquire, but it requires a slow and gradual process as well as a commitment. However, when it is adapted to our everyday routine, it becomes easy to practice. As the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest. Always remember, the first step is already half the journey. 

Healthy Lifestyle: 5 Steps to Healthier Life

Similarly, success does not happen overnight, it is the same thing for a healthy living. Starting from zero, you will gain healthier bit by bit. Your body feel more energetic every morning you wake up. You feel better concentrate on your task. More importantly, your healthy lifestyle eventually shapes you to become a happy person. What should we do to have a healthy lifestyle? Now, follow the steps below to live well.

Getting Good Night Sleep

#1 Getting A Good Night Sleep

It’s important for us to get at least 7 hours of sleep a day, but studies have shown that sleeping early is better. The quality of sleep we get when we go to bed early is better and people who go to sleep early have higher energy compared to those who don’t. In addition, some people might sleep late as they think they do not feel exhausted and hence not willing to go to bed. 

If you have work or school on the next day and need to wake up at 7 in the morning, I bet you would have to suffer the whole day until you got home. Don’t forget that your organs need rest even though you are not tired. Lack of sleep may lead to certain severe health problems such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and the like. Henceforth, get sufficient sleep daily to maintain good health.

Exercise Regularly

#2 Exercise Regularly

When is the last time you went for sport? Exercising is possibly one of the hardest habits to adopt. It really doesn't matter what time you start drenching your socks with sweat, but exercising at any point of the day is always better than being a couch potato. 

I believe you do have your own favorite sport, perhaps swimming, jogging, badminton or basketball. Go for your favorite one as you are always encouraged to enjoy the process of playing sport. Besides, it is suggested to exercise at least twice a week. 

Instead of spending spare time with your online game, try to walk out from your house to get some fresh air and start your workout! If you do not have transport to go to the nearest park or the pool, doing some easy workout at home is another alternative way to remain healthy lifestyle. Certain workouts such as push up, sit up, squats, jumping jacks do not require any equipment and can be done in anywhere as well as in your sleeping room. For a better result, make your own workout routine and follow it every day.


#3 Walking

In a modernized era where you can get to a place just by turning on the car engine, walking is often left unconsidered. Try to make walking your new hobby and your body will start to love you more. Instead of taking the elevator, opt for the stairs. If you are planning to buy things at the grocery store which is just nearby your house, consider walking. Still complaining does not have extra time for exercise?

Walking 30 minutes every day is another alternative way. It helps you to burn fat and calories as well as boosts your energy. In short, there are simple things that require you to move your legs. Perhaps you could see some different view while walking on the street which you would not notice while driving.

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Drink Sufficient Water

#4 Drink Sufficient Water 

Many of us drink water only when we feel thirsty. Our body is 80% made up of liquid, health problems usually occur because we don’t drink enough water. If you can’t gulp down a huge bottle of water, at least drink 8 glasses of water. We know that the busy city lifestyle might cause us to forget about the need of drinking water

Now, you can set a reminder in your phone and pin it on the top bar to keep yourself reminded. Otherwise, consider downloading certain apps which specific function as a reminder to help you develop your healthy habits.

Eating Fruits

#5 Eating Fruits

Most people don’t eat enough fruits for their own good. What’s not to love about fruits- they’re packed with vitamins and minerals and there are fruits for everyone so if your excuse is you don’t like them, well, it doesn't cut it. 

There are various fruits and unless you've tried them all, then you shouldn't give an excuse. Nutritionist suggested that we should eat various color of fruit daily to absorb different type of vitamin. Red color fruits are mostly benefiting for antioxidants. Carrots, pumpkin, mango which is in orange color help you to boost your immune system. Meanwhile, red-purple fruits such as berries and grapes, slow down the ageing process. 

Fruits are like a rainbow. Let’s eat a rainbow of fruits starting from today! We love health and happiness!