Organ DonationMost of us do not realise that we possess the ability to save other people’s lives. Many may say that this is impossible as we are not superheroes with power like Superman or Spiderman. However, it is possible, and any of us can save other people’s lives by donating our organs or tissue.

Everybody must learn basic first aid procedures. Basic first aid procedures are simple to learn and easy to remember. Basic first aid procedures make it easy to treat a range of injuries. For example, you may require saving someone at home, at work, at school or on holiday.

A student is often under a lot of stress. Examination, coursework, co-curriculum, academic or you might even struggle from a series of housework. Just right after all these stresses; you started to indulge yourself with food. Ice-cream, chocolate, burger, pasta and the list still go on! 

You pretty sure this isn’t a good idea for a healthy lifestyle. In addition, some busy students will find it even harder to have proper meals let alone a healthy meal. Day by day, your body is giving out signal to inform you they couldn’t function well without sufficient nutrition

Healthy Lifestyle: Nutrition Tips for Busy Students