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10 Best Jobs To Earn Money During Semester Break

Semester breaks vary in length by university and colleges. However, finding a job during the semester break can be challenging for a student.
Today, D. Simple Life put together these Top 10 Semester Break Jobs for Malaysia University & College Students.
2017 Update: The world is changing, so do the job market. In June 2017, we update this post to include more information and resources to help university & college students find their desired part time job.
This update include new information & resources such as:  Skills Required,Experience & Training,Additional Benefits, andWhere you can find the job
1) Restaurant Waiter

Skills: Working as a waiter or waitress during your semester break could be the best and easiest job ever. This job involves mostly practical and customer service skills (check here for more waiter or waitress skills).
Experience & Training: Restaurant owner often welcome candidates with no prior experience and On Job Training will be available. As a h…