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Mount Kinabalu - Highest Mountain in the Southeast Asia

Everyone in Malaysia knows about the mysterious Mount Kinabalu. The closer that one journeys towards its famous jagged profile, which is often wreathed in feathery clouds, the better one understands the meaning the mount has for the local Kadazan and Dusun People: Aki Nabalu; or Reserved Place of the Dead. On the forbidding peaks were said to be the spirits of the tribes dead ancestors, and no-one dared climb to the top to disturb them.

Where does the name of Mount 'Kinabalu' come from?
Another origin given to the name seems less likely, and is probably more recent. Kinabalu was though to mean Chinese Widow, 'Kina' being a corruption of China and 'Balu' a dialectical word for widow. The story goes that a Chinese prince came to Kinabalu in search of a giant pink pearl guarded by a ferocious dragon. 
He married a local Dusun woman, but on finding himself homesick for his native land, he deserted her and returned to China. For the rest of her life, his poor wife …