Semester Break Part Time Job
Semester breaks vary in length by university and colleges. However, finding a job during the semester break can be challenging for a student.
Today, D. Simple Life put together these Top 10 Semester Break Jobs for Malaysia University & College Students.
2017 Update: The world is changing, so do the job market. In June 2017, we update this post to include more information and resources to help university & college students find their desired part time job.
This update include new information & resources such as:
  1. Skills Required,
  2. Experience & Training,
  3. Additional Benefits, and
  4. Where you can find the job

1) Restaurant Waiter

Restaurant Waiter - Semester Break Work
Skills: Working as a waiter or waitress during your semester break could be the best and easiest job ever. This job involves mostly practical and customer service skills (check here for more waiter or waitress skills).
Experience & Training: Restaurant owner often welcome candidates with no prior experience and On Job Training will be available. As a higher education student, who manage to ‘survive’ through the examination and the abundant of assignments, should not find this job especially difficult.
Additional Benefits: Some restaurant even have the tipping system, which collected tips will be equally distributed among the staffs, but as we acknowledged that this system only applied for full-time staff. So don’t be disappointed if you didn’t receive any tips (Malaysian does not have the habit to tip).
Despite not having the tips, you will still get free meal for working as a part-timer (most restaurant & cafe provide at least one meal). So, work at your favorite restaurant and you can eat the free food until you get sick of it.
If you doubt about the benefits & costs of the job, you may read the Pros and Cons of Being a Waiter or Waitress to find out more!
Where to find: You may apply for a part-time waiter or waitress position at any restaurant nearby your neighborhood. New cafe or coffee house usually welcome university and college students to join their workforce.
Facebook Group is another wonderful resources for waiter or waitress part-time job. Join Facebook Group such as – Malaysia part time & full time jobs, Freelance & Part-Time Jobs Malaysia, Malaysia Part Time and Full Time Jobs, and many more – then check for any available vacancy. Just keep in mind that jobs are limited and there are thousands of individual like you searching and applying for the same job, so remember to state your strength and competitive advantage in the application. Also, approach the person-in-charge in a courteous manner and make a good first impression may win you the job.
Lastly, hundreds and thousands of jobs are available on the online job portals. Part Time Post is one of the famous Malaysia part-time job platform. Just search for the waiter in the search bar of ‘Any Job Function’ and you will find several jobs (mostly in Klang Valley).
Semester Break Waiter Part Time Job in PartTimePost
How to search for part-time waiter job in PartTimePost

Job Street is another well-known job portals. Again, search for terms ‘waiter part-time’ in the search bar and select your location to seek for open vacancy. Please note that most open vacancy only accept full-time staff in Job Street, so make sure they accept part-time staff before you drop your application.

Semester Break Part-Time Waiter Job in Job Street
How to search for part-time waiter job in Job Street

2) Babysitting

Semester Break Job - Babysitter
Skills: Babysitting job not just being a nanny who spent days and night watching after the kids, you can also work at a Daycare center. At Daycare, you will be responsible to take care of the children’s homework, playtime and other daily activities. If you are excellent in taking care of children, this would be the place you want to look for your temporary work. Check for Skills and Qualities for a Babysitter, if you were unsure about your quality being a babysitter.
Experience & Training: The demand of Day-care has been rising as the economic raise (Malay Mail Online, 2014); so did the job market in this field. Working parents now expect these Daycare centers to take care of their children while they were busy working for the living. This open up more opportunities for higher education students with minimum experience to get a part-time job in the Daycare center.
On Job Training will be available, and once again, university or college student will not have hard time to deal with the children’s homework, all you need is not to lose your patient with these little angels (or demons, sometimes).
Remember, despite you only work as a part-timer there, but kids may see you as important as anyone in their life, so your words and actions are going to influence them, now or in the future. Be a good leader and role model is important to work in a Daycare.
Additional Benefits: You will definitely learn much about patient and anger management working in a Daycare center. This definitely saves you from attending therapy (although if you do actually have anger management issues, do check here for more information). Additional leadership skills may be developed, as you now are the ‘mother hen’ for these children. Other parenting skills such as changing diapers, child safety and health and relationship skills can be learn as well. If you would like to know more about parenting skill, check out Better Parenting site.
Lastly, this could be a well-paid work for student, however, it’s not an easy task after all. As the saying goes, “Children are Angels, until they learned to speak”. But, if you are a super child-lover, there no job like this one would fit you best.
Where to find: One awesome site to find for a babysitter job is GreatAuPair. Go to the site and click on the cities to check for available babysitter job. Parents will post their request on the page with the information include – weekly rate, hours per week, experience required and the time frame for the job. Most weekly rate is negotiable and depending on the hours per week required to take care of their child. Try look for jobs that required shorter time frame and limited experience (None or 1 year).
Semester Break Part-Time Babysitter Job in GreatAuPair
Search for babysitting job that require shorter time frame and limited experience
More information (nationality, child’s age, religion…) will be shown after you clicked on individual post. Sign up is needed to apply for the job. Please be careful when you disclose your personal and credit information to the site.
Secondly, you can search for Daycare job at Job Street and Part Time Post. Enter ‘part time daycare’ in the search box to find suitable vacancy.

We did not manage to find much related job in both Job Street and Part Time Post, so let go back to the traditional method, head to the Daycare center nearby your house and ask for any available vacancy.

Some may not have any listing or notice about hiring, but you can also walk in and ask them politely. Optionally, give them a call or WhatsApp (recommended) to see whether they need an extra hand to deal with those little angels. Last reminder, don’t hesitate to show your love to the kids!

3) Data Entry Job

Semester Break Job - Data Entry
Skills: Data Entry Job is where an agency/company having too many workloads and required a part-timer to complete their simple information entry works, as their full time (Professional or Experienced) employees can work on more skillful tasks. This position is in a high demand as the Small & Medium Enterprise (SME) would like to save their cost and hire a Part Time Data Entry.
It basically involves entering information into an electronic form using word processing or data processing software. This requires minimum computer skills and basic knowledge to work with the software. Students should have learn these skills either in their secondary school or in their higher education. If you’re not so sure or want to advance your skills in these software applications, check here out these training course for Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word or PDF. By joining a training program like the one mentioned above, it is possible for you to learn important stuff in the shortest amount of time. Additionally, the above-mentioned course gives you the opportunity to put your new skills to use, thereby maximizing knowledge retention. Instructors of such training programs can provide insight into microsoft office 365 training, both online and in-person, to answer your questions and ensure you have a thorough understanding of the material.
Anyway, coming back to the topic, the data entry job ranges from arranging sales data, financial data (more like bookkeeping), and other customer’s information. You may work with a company, which might require you to be on-site (to be in the office). Some may, however, allow you to work from home.
Working with company you can expect at least RM 300 (small company) and up to RM 1000 for skilled-position (e.g. Account Clerks). While the work-at-home usually paying lower rate and pay for the quantity of work completed, no matter how much time you spent on it.
Experience & Training: Require no prior experience, as long as you know how to use the software that they requested on. Basic explanation on how to arrange the data will be discussed, formal training will not be required.
Additional Benefits: Many part-time jobs are not suitable to be include in the resume (working experience as waiter when you apply for accountant position may not be relevant), data entry, however, is another case. Let say you’re applying for an accountant position, having data entry working experience means you may have experience with bookkeeping, arranging financial documents, and ability to use financial software (Excel is usually the basic).
Your manager will understand that learning these in the textbook is totally different from learning practically. Therefore, these data entry jobs may just filled your job application and make you a more ‘experienced’ candidates.
Just bear in mind that the data entry job may be quite boring and monotonous. For people who seek interesting and challenging jobs, this is definitely not going to suit you.

Where to find: There are many places that you can find a data entry job. The less formal place to go is Facebook Page (example: Jobs – Data Entry / Admin Malaysia). But, lets be honest, we don’t 100% recommend this source. There would be a higher chance that you put yourself in danger or contributing free work for others if you get a data entry job through Facebook. A reader shares his experience of working long hour working with abundant of data and end up earning just a little.

Hence, we encourage students to search for this job with more established channel – freelance site – for instances. At these sites, the income or payment is secured by the third party (the site). The client must has sufficient credit in their balance to hire someone, and once you’re hired, the site automatically keep the specific amount of pay in their system and will release to your account once the job is completed and accepted by the client. There are thousands of freelance site, but some popular one are Upwork, Freelancer, Truelancer, PeoplePerHour, Guru, Project4Hire, and Freelancing. for Freelance Job
Register and search for data entry jobs in these freelance sites.

All these freelance platform required registration and one works differently from others. The first model is where clients post their jobs and you (as a freelancer) apply to the job and place your best price for the service. The another model is you post your service, and your clients approach. Later model can be seen in Fiverr, Fourerr, and Zeerk.

Whatever how the freelance site works, we encourage you to understand how the site works and the terms and condition before putting your head into the freelance world. Remember, violating some rules may risk penalizing your account and freezing your income. for Freelance Jobs
Fiverr is a freelance site that you can post your data entry service for sale.

Lastly, don’t forget to check out the online job portal – Job Street and Part Time Post. You may sometimes found one or two part time data entry job here.

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Semester Break Job - Promoter
Skills: It is undeniable that the most common job for students is a Promoter. Shopping centers are looking for extra help around this time of year (Festival Season). It is not a difficult task to get a promoter position. After all, we would advise you to understand your interest and work for what you are passionate about. A student who is confident and has great communication skills are the best for this job so if you have been taking part in debates or any outspoken activities at your college or university, you definitely have your way with words that are able to convince the customers. To make it simple, if you do not like pets, make sure you do not work in a pet store. Just a reminder, if you are not an extrovert, then being a promoter would not be the best choice for you.

Experience and Training: Becoming a promoter requires you to be great at making calculations because in order to make huge profits, you would need to sell more. Remember, “Commission” is the gold mine in a promoter job. Always ask for the basic pay and the commission pay, mostly are 5 – 10%, depending on the selling product. There is no formal training required to become a promoter, all it takes is being convincing enough to persuade a client to buy the product. In addition, no prior experience in this field is required. Have a look at this: Desirable skills for a Promoter

Additional Benefits: A job as a promoter, it comes with its added benefits. Let us say for example, if you have a huge social media following, this might be the best job for you. At the comfort of your home, you can sell hundreds of products. In addition to that, your communication skills and convincing power will certainly increase over time, which will definitely compliment your Resume.

Where you can find the job: To get a promoter job, head on over to the nearest shopping centre and search for any shop that displays the notice of an available vacancy then you just walk in or call the person in-charge to arrange an interview. Sounds easy right? The other way is to stay alert on the internet for any Event, Fair, or Exhibition that is recruiting a promoter. In addition to that, there are many online jobs available under the title “Become an affiliate” or “Join affiliate program”. Simply Google affiliate programs on Google to get a list of hundreds of companies from all over the world that are looking for promoters. Get registered to their affiliate programs to start earning as soon as possible. Make sure to work with companies that are trusted and are secure with their payments.

Moreover, you can also choose a niche market that interests you to affiliate or do promotion for them. Let us say for example, you are skilled when it comes to makeup and know a lot about the products, you can join affiliate programs for beauty brands and websites. Here are a few trusted sources you can have a look at them: Makeup Affiliate Programs to Help Get You Started



Skills: Another great working opportunity for a university student would be in bookstores, usually as a store assistant or general employees, where you basically do all the arrangement of books, stock managing, cashier, and customer service. They may shift you from one position to another when needed, so do not get surprised when they ask you to help with those really heavy boxes. You need to have a lot of patience in order to do this job, people’s skills and you must be willing to work and move physically around the area. This job will certainly get you a little tired at the end of the day due to continuous running and working.

Training and Experience: The job does not require much experience. If you are good at reading and have good verbal skills to communicate with the customers, you are suitable for this job. If you are already a reader, or a bookworm and love to read books, this can be your ideal dream job and you will definitely love the environment. Here is a short article that can help you get hired at a bookstore: 5 TIPS FOR GETTING HIRED AT AN INDEPENDENT BOOKSTORE

Additional Benefits: Working at a bookstore comes with its perks. You can get access to new books and read them all day long without having the need to pay for them. On some days, you can also get free books to take home and read them in the comfortability of your own home. In addition, your management skills will also get better. Lastly, your family will be glad that you have gained skills with keeping things in order.

Where you can find the job: In Malaysia, you can find the job at your nearest bookstore. You can simply visit the store and check if they have any vacancy available for a part time job. Two of the most famous bookstores in Malaysia, MPH and Kinokuniya also have limited part time jobs. Rush out to these stores or contact them online to reserve your spot for the summer. Not to mention, if you are not a book enthusiast, this job might be a little boring for you and you may give up in no time, so ensure you love books and you can survive around books for more than just a couple hours.


Skills: Alright, there are companies looking for interns to fill their empty positions in the company. These positions are always available because companies would spend less to employ an intern compared to a full time employee. Do not get fed up when you hear the low pays, some companies pay up to RM 1000 for an intern, especially for a skilled position, including programming, accounting, technician, construction, science-related, engineering-related and other jobs. You can intern in your subject area. For example, if you are a computer science student you can intern at a software house. Companies are looking for specific skills and if they find that you fit the subject area, they will definitely give you a chance. Be ready to always be on foot or on the computer once you get hired for the summer internship program.

Experience and Training: The best thing about being a paid intern is that you do not need to have prior experience doing the job. You simply need to know the niche well and you are eligible to apply for the paid intern position. Once they hire you as an intern, the companies usually provide training to the interns for the first few days before the actual work begins so do not worry if you are not well equipped, as the company will help you along the way.

Additional Benefits: Many students opt for paid seasonal internships at multinational firms as they get the required experience from these internships to get a job later after completing their higher education. Many companies prefer their interns and give them priority when hiring new full time employees. Even if you have to find a different job, the experience on your resume will speak in your favor. In addition to that, you will get training in your career and will be exposed to real life working environments. Read more 8 Benefits of an Internship.

Where you can find the job: In order to find the job get in contact with the HR department of a company related to your field and propose an internship for an extra helping hand at the office during your semester break. You can find some of the companies offering paid internships in Malaysia here: These 10 companies in Malaysia were voted the best to work for across Asia. Also, you can find paid internships online on platforms such as, Glassdoor. You can simply browse through their platform and there will be plenty of jobs to scheme through and apply via online for the job that suits your career and future plans.


Tutor Job Malaysia
Skills: If you are very patient with a hint of strictness and love to teach, why not consider becoming a tutor? There wouldn’t be much of a problem for a university/college student to teach secondary or primary school students. All you need is to get your mind ready, refresh certain syllabus that you’ve learnt back in the days and revive the memories of being a student. Specially, if you were a bright student back then, this job might be the best for you. Here is an article on How to Develop the 8 Key Skills You Need to Work in Education. It will help you guarantee a summer job.

Experience and Training: In order to become a tutor, you do not need formal training or experience. You just need to be able to handle kids and know what you are teaching to them. Be prepared to get scolded by their parents if their children do not get good grades. This job will certainly make you more patient. Go for it if you are good with kids. Moreover, you can teach multiple students at the same time and earn more money within a short period of time.

Additional Benefits: Once you become a tutor, your school syllabus will be revised which can help you at your college or university. In addition, teaching experience can get you a job as a teacher at a school or college once you complete your education. Moreover, if you are good to your students, they will surely shower you with plenty of love and appreciation. In addition, here are 10 Teaching Skills You Learn From Tutoring.

Where you can find the job: There are basically 4 ways to get a tutor job. First, head on over to a Tuition Center and ask for a position. This is the most effective way and perhaps, the fastest way to get a tutoring job. The particular center will be testing your teaching ability before they actually employ you. Moreover, you stand a chance to get a long-term or part time position here.

Secondly, Home Tuition is another way of getting a tutoring job. To be a home tutor, you will require your own transportation in order to travel to your student’s house. You may register on a Home Tuition Website where you post your skill and experience to intrigue pa rents to approach you. These are several sites: Tuition Job, My Private Tutor, and Tuition Plaza.

You may also consider teaching near your neighborhood. If you are staying in an apartment, the boy and girl next door could be your potential customer. Ask their parents kindly whilst offering your services. If you have been treating them well, they will definitely be keen on accepting your offer.

In addition to that, you can also tutor via online as this trend is widely increasing. You can look for online tutoring jobs at Tutor Me and teach in the comfort of your own home. You would only need a laptop and a stable yet quick internet connection.


Semester Break Job - IT Freelance
Skills: As we have mentioned-above, IT-related fields could bring great pay for students as they are in a skilled-position that is highly demanded within the Malaysian Market. Bear in mind, that most SME just started to take their first step forward to this IT field and require some additional help (especially the cost-saving one). So it’s time for all the IT experts to grab their gadgets and head over to the front-line. In addition to that, basic computer skills related to programming and Microsoft office will take you a long way.

Experience and Training: Working as an IT freelancer requires you to be trained well enough so that you can complete the freelance jobs with perfectionism, as clients usually do not tolerate errors when they are paying a high amount for your work. If you are not trained well-enough, you can simply take an IT related course online at Udemy and once you are well-trained, you can start earning. Also, no prior experience is needed to work as an IT Freelancer.

Additional Benefits: One of the foremost benefits you can get when becoming an IT freelancer is that you can expand your experiences and work with different types of clients from all over the world. This not only gives you exposure to the outer world, but also helps you gain confidence in your own abilities and help polish your skills. Some customers are also generous enough to leave tips on the orders you completed for them, which will surely brighten up your day.

Where you can find the job: Freelance Job Platform such as Freelancer and Upwork are the best sources for students who like to work at home. You can also search for local Part Time Job Site like Part Time Post.

The job ranges from programming, web development, mobile development, designer, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Social Media Marketing (SMM)…. Remember, the pay-scale depends on your skill, quality of work, and the difficulty of the tasks. Of course, it also depends on who you work with as large companies offer more than companies who have just started their business or work.


Skills: One of the easiest work to do is to become a Distributor. It may not favor everyone but if you can smile at people with a happy face, this job is definitely for you. You will find yourself outdoors enjoying the weather while you hand out the flyers and earn money.

Experience and Training: You can be hired as a distributor with no prior experience. As far as the training is concerned, once you get the job, the agency or company will guide you how to distribute their flyers or products. You just need to have a strong convincing tone. Tips on How to Become a Top Distributor in Malaysia

Additional Benefits: Becoming a distributor will definitely burn you a lot of calories and if you are looking to lose some weight, you shouldn’t not hesitate even for a second to opt for this job. This job will also improve your salesperson skills and make you better with words and spoken skills in the long run. This job can also get you free tickets to concerts and festivals where you will be distributing. Moreover, your marketing skills will develop significantly.

Where you can find the job: Advertising companies are consistently seeking for flyer distributors to give away their handbills. The distributor is not limited to distributing flyers; there are also distributors work for handing out samples, usually during the events or exhibitions. To get a distributor job, head to any flyer printing shop around your house and ask for any distributing position. Before you opt for the job, make sure to read The Ups and Downs of Being a Distributor of a Product


Skills: This is always my favorite job during the semester break! Working as an online writer is challenging, especially when you were asked to write a topic out of your niche. This happens quite frequently when you are working with an article writing company. So, get yourself out of your comfort zone and start learning something new today!

Just like other freelance jobs, a freelance writer can enjoy flexible working hours and environment (mostly in your room or on your bed). Everyone can write, but not everyone can create quality contents. A writer needs to have great vocabulary, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and language skills to thrive in this field. Read this article to find out more skills: Want to Be an Author? 5 Writing Skills You Need to Master

Experience and Training: Writers do not require a lot of training; they must be good with words. However, some of the clients may ask you for your prior work samples so you must have some extraordinary written samples ready to impress your client right away to guarantee the gig. In addition, on a freelancing platform, clients do look out for the sellers/writers rating given by previous clients so ensure to keep it upright.

Additional Benefits: Becoming a freelance writer will help you polish your writing skills. Moreover, if you write affiliate articles, you can generate extra sales from them. Another exciting thing about freelancing, which was also mentioned above, is that clients do leave tips on their orders if you provide them with high quality work. They will definitely come back to you every time they need to get something written. For more, read Benefits of Working as a Freelance Writer. This article will surely convince you to become one!

Where you can find the job: Freelance writer jobs can be found at any of the Freelance Job Platform. If you think that you are a skillful writer, why don’t you consider offering your writing service on Fiverr? For an entry-level writer, do not expect online writing as it is just the same as writing an essay in your examination. You will need to equip yourself with some SEO Writing Skill before you can get to step into this field. Even Fiverr is offering online courses so you can take one there as well.

In addition to that, several pages on twitter such as, Freelance Writing Jobs and Freelance Writing post writing jobs from different companies and agencies on their profiles. You can visit these profiles and apply for the latest jobs now. Ensure to keep a resume and CV ready for the targeted specific writing jobs. Create your CV in the most compelling manner you can. It is advised not to send the same CV to all the agencies as they may find it irrelevant to their job position so make sure you alter your CV according to every job you apply to.

Moreover, you can also contact a local magazine or some newspaper writing agencies in Malaysia. Here is a list of Best Copywriting agencies in Malaysia. You can go over these and apply to the one that you find the best.

To Sum it Up

That is the end of the list. For students who would like to find a part-time job with ease for the next semester break, we would suggest you to start building your network. Networking is so important when looking for an employment opportunity, not just for part-time work, but for your career building as well.

We kindly remind you to ensure your safety when approaching new employers or conducting a transaction online. When in doubt, do not accept the job, better to be happy with your choice than upset whilst doing it.

We will continue updating this blog along the way, Show us your support by sharing this blog post using the social button on the left. To keep yourself updated with our blog, subscribe to our email list. Simple Life wishes you a Happy Semester Break and all the best in your endeavours!