Anime lovers! This is the best gift ever for your besties for this summer! The anime contact lenses featuring your favorite anime characters. Match them with the cosplay and start recording your TikTok videos in no time at all.


The trend of Anime in the USA

According to The Japan Times, we’re seeing a major hit of Japanese Animation in the US market since 2019. More ComicFest and anime-related event has been raised around the country since then. We’re also seeing Netflix featuring an extraordinarily wide range of anime series, from the old school all-time favorite to the latest anime that sponsored by Netflix themselves.

As Americans are spending more time indoors with smart devices and in-home entertainment, anime quickly raised to the favorite entertainment program at the home of all ages.

If you’re totally new to this Japan anime culture, check out ‘The 50 Best Anime Series on Netflix Right Now’ to start your pick today. We promise you won’t regret it! Don’t blame us later for not able to stick your head away from your Netflix though.


The Cosplay Culture

It’s not uncommon to see people in Japan dress in their favorite anime characters walking on the street or shopping around. It’s just another culture that slowly being seen in the USA. You might not be seeing lots of dress-up on the street, but people are spending on anime costume while attending the annual comic festival and all the related events around the country.

Recently as the rise of TikTok to create home-made short videos for entertainment purposes, giving everyone a chance to show their talents. We’re seeing more and more people dressing up as their favorite anime characters. From the headband to the skirts, and of course the anime contact lens that brings out the souls of the characters.


The Anime Contact Lens

If you’re an anime lover, you must already collect several pairs of anime contact lenses of your most favorite characters in the 3.0 realm of animation. Whether it’s the all-time favorite Naruto, or the latest hit of Demon Hunter (Kimetsu no Yaiba), you can get it all from Lens Village. Get this as the perfect gift for your other anime lovers or just keep them for your next TikTok video!