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Have you considered attending antenatal or baby care and parenting classes? If not, then know that attending parenting talks and workshops, also known as prenatal classes, can be more beneficial to your journey to motherhood than you can imagine.

As an expectant mother, it’s important that you know the facts and details associated with pregnancy and childbirth. This will helps to prevent developing pregnancy complications due to misconceptions. Antenatal classes and parental workshops provided by the best mother and child centres in Malaysia. They prepare expectant parents to take better care of the new mum as well as the new-born.


Makes You Prepared for Labour

Attending antenatal classes and talks are very much helpful in preparing the new-mums for the delivery while teaching them a lot about what to expect and do before, during and after delivery. From knowing the signs and symptoms of labour to the different stages of labour, breathing and relaxation skills, attending antenatal classes can make the new-mums learn a lot of things.


Boosts Your Confidence, Involves Your Partner

Antenatal classes play a significant role in boosting your confidence level as you proceed towards your new journey as a mother. Helping you to embrace motherhood more confidently, prenatal workshops can be extremely effective in involving your partner in your pregnancy. Yes, these workshops help your better-half feel a part of your journey. It encouraging him to help you cope with the pregnancy-related discomforts. These can include practising on issues such as breathing, pain etc.


Teaches You to Take Care of Your Baby

For the new-mums attending pre-natal workshops and talks can prove to be extremely beneficial as they guide about caring for the new-born as well. Moreover, many first-time mothers find the thought of taking care of their tiny little new-born all by themselves quite challenging. Therefore, these ante-natal classes teach you how to take care of your baby in the right way.


Gives You Early Parenting Tips

The tips and guidance antenatal classes and talks offer don’t end with the delivery. Besides that, their guidance helps with early parenting as well. From offering ante-natal checkups to teaching the expecting mothers the importance of breastfeeding, why it is crucial to take care of their own health, and the benefits of other post-delivery confinement practices, pre-natal classes prepare the new parents in every way possible.



Often people assume that antenatal classes talk about gory details of delivery. Hence, become scared of attending it. However, in reality, antenatal workshops and talks, like one offering by Baby Academy in Kuala Lumpur, helps you understand pregnancy and childbirth in detail. Saving pregnant ladies from being confused and scared of labour.