Photo by Gesina Kunkel on Unsplash

There are myths circulating around that food shouldn’t be consumed before a workout. Food that is eaten before a work out can only be used after it has been digested and absorbed. It’s fairly important to time your food intake so what you’ve digested becomes a fuel to power your body. It’s important to know that working out requires food just as it is important to know what types of food should be eaten before a workout.


1. Oatmeal

As overrated as oatmeal may sound, it is the most ideal food to be consumed before exercising. It provides long-lasting energy and if you get creative with your food and top your oatmeal with a few fruits, it helps to hit the bloodstream fast to keep you going.


2. Brown rice and chicken

For those of you who only have time to exercise after lunch, this meal is perfect for you. Food that contains high calories should be crossed off your list, instead, opt for something that is low in carbs like brown rice which is lower in carbs compared to white rice but can make you just as full.


3. Legumes

Beans, nuts and lentils are good sources of protein and complex carbs. Legumes make us full and give us long-lasting energy needed for a workout, although when consumed too much can increase the gas production in the stomach.


4. Bread with cheese or egg

The most chosen breakfast for people, although some may only take it for its yumminess. The combination of bread and scrambled eggs or low-fat cheese makes a great source of protein. Also high in proteins and is very recommended to be consumed before exercising.


5. Caffeine

Consuming an adequate amount of caffeine can go a long way during a workout. Caffeine helps to enhance your energy and reduce post-exercise muscle soreness. But caffeinated products that contain too much sugar and soda should be avoided at all cost. Remember to not only drink caffeine before a workout, but the food is also always better than caffeinated beverages.