Photo by Patrick Hendry on Unsplash

Camping is an awesome economical vacation. There are plenty of different kinds of camping trips you can plan, either by yourself or with family & friends. Increasing in popularity is the well-enjoyed road trip — pack up your bags and set off to explore different campsites and natural spots as you go. This can be a great idea for an extended vacation, whether you are planning local places in your country or an international one. It is possible to rent out a camper van or RV in other countries you may wish to visit, so that it becomes easier for you to travel to more places. In fact, companies like provide camper van rentals for a road trip across Iceland, with amenities like heaters in the vehicle and on-road assistance. There are likely to be many such companies offering travel options in places you wish to see. Planning a camping itinerary can be fun, yet there are some things you might have to keep in mind when camping. We’ve compiled a list of camping tips for you to practice anytime and anywhere.


Pick your pack

Choose a backpack size that is suitable for camping. If you are camping from one base camp location, a small day pack is big enough for day-to-day provisions and supplies. There is a lot of nature has to offer. However, you should bring stuff that is essential. The shortlist of camping you should always be packed are clean clothes, toiletries and drinking water.


Sleep well

Make sure the size of the tent is big enough for everyone to squeeze in. Sufficient sleep is important for your safety during the day especially when you are travelling in an adventurous way. Don’t forget to bring a sleeping bag. To enhance your sleeping experience with your sleeping bag, place a sleeping pad and pillow beneath for extra cushion.


Keep clean

Obviously, you’re going to get dirty in the jungle, so cleanliness is important. Take advantage of moments near a stream to take off your clothes and bath. Then, use garbage bags to separate clean and dirty clothes. Wrap your washcloth, toothbrush and soap individually in aluminium foil when you’re packing so that it stays dry. Then, keep a bottle of hand sanitizer in your pocket to cleanse your hands before eating. For example, bring soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, and toilet paper to stay clean. Remember, leave no trace behind! If you enjoy the camping site, then let’s be part of it and help to preserve the site. 


Stay safe

Your personal safety is important especially if camping in a remote area. Every time you go camping, you must bring along a well-stocked first-aid kit, creams for blisters and any other personal medications. You must not wander too far away from your campsite. Some tools can be helpful if you are lost in the jungle. For example, a compass, map and GPS device can keep you from disappearing into the land of the lost. Also, you want to beware of the wild animals! Get advice from the rangers in the campsite.

Now you’re all set to be a happy camper!