In order to sustain our blog & maintaining Free Articles for everyone, we have included several means to generate fund to support our website. These funds are used for further development of the website, in terms of UI (user interface) and UX (user experience). In addition, this fund will be used as the annual renewal fees for hosting, domain, and SSL.



First of all, the website shows ads provided by Nuffnang – a Malaysia Blog Advertising company. The ads that you see on our website is out of our control. You might see different ads based on the blog advertising company’s algorithm. If you do see ads that seem to be inappropriate on our website, please provide us with a screenshot and contact us immediately. Certainly, we might decide to extend the ads service by providing designated ads space for marketers and brands. Hence, this will helps to offer more targeted & controlled ads on our blog.


Affiliate Links

Some link on this website includes affiliate links to external companies. So, if you click on the link & make any purchase or subscription, D. Simple Life will get a small commission from the company. Our editorial carefully decides which affiliate links to be included on the website. In this case, we will only provide affiliate links to the product or service that we personally think useful for our visitors. These products or services are mostly those that we’re currently using or super interested to try (but yet to try).


Sponsored posts

Sometimes, D. Simple Life will receive a product or service for review. Usually, our editorial team received the request from the company to offer a review on our blog. All review provided is strictly based on our honest feedback. Therefore, we will never beautify a product or service just because they paid us for the review. Besides that, we also received monetary compensation to publish post provided by marketers. The content might be written by our editorial team or directly provided by the marketer. D. Simple Life has the total control of what content that can be published on our website and what cannot be. Furthermore, every piece of content will need to pass through our editorial team to get published. Hence, we will also ensure the quality of the content and rejecting sponsored posts that are against our blog’s theme or objectives.


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Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any problem with our Advertising, Affiliate Links, or Sponsored Posts.