Photo by Kuali

Eat your favourite roti canai and then go for a jog around the block. Eat soup at the food court but choose the fish-balls and fishcakes with lots of veggies in it if you want to lose weight.

Those examples are given out to encourage healthy eating but that is not healthy at all. Roti canai is totally carbohydrate and oily with a very little amount of protein. Take roti telur instead. Fish-balls and fishcakes are all processed food similar to the western frankfurters that contain lots of fillers such as fats and flour. Take real fish and chicken and add more of the veggies, please.

This is the same dilemma I faced every time I have to eat out. I don’t see much choice. A preferred breakfast should be very simple. Scrambled eggs, cheese and a piece of beef patty would be a better choice. So, I opt for McDonalds Breakfast Set.

At lunchtime, I faced another dilemma. Since I needed to lose extra weight, someone advised me that I have to choose something without rice. But with a better understanding of metabolism, this should not be an issue at all. I can eat rice, provided that is just plain rice with a serving of protein and two servings of veggies.

Later part of the day, I could just pump up my cardio and increase my metabolism through weight training. The effect is feeling satiated, satisfied and happy with me.