So you are just a standard regular or incredibly handsome and unbelievably charismatic husband with a beautiful and well-established wife. You are indeed lucky with great kids, a great house, and supportive parents – a far cry from where it all started. Thus far, you have achieved your childhood dream and love your life immensely.

However, as a wise person; you know that the trick is not in getting married but in staying married. You understand those divorce statistics and the effects they have on individuals and their kids. Funnily, some cite that they still love the person they are divorcing but can`t stand them anymore. Therefore, you know that love alone cannot sustain that union.

So, how do you have a long-lasting and healthy relationship?

The truth is, you’ll need to work, make an effort each day to develop some regular and consistent pattern behavior that will improve your relationship. You’ll then need to practice the said habits until they become unconscious acts.

Luckily, you’re not in it alone for we have compiled a list of 10 habits of happy couples alongside valuable and effective healthy relationship tips to help you improve your marriage.


1. Embrace Date Nights

Date nights are the time for you to reconnect as a couple. It’s the time to take a break from all responsibilities (work, kids, etc.) and reminds yourselves how you two used to be when you had just met. Time to love each other as you evaluate whether you could do redo all that all again; i.e. your spouse, your kids, and your family.

Embracing date nights is important to change that couple routine, to change the daily scenery lest risk falling into boredom which can easily lead to taking things for granted.

For a successful date night, keep it fresh and creative. If you had dinner today you can try watching a movie next time. The key is ensuring that whatever activity you settle for interests your partner.


2. Adopt A Fight Resolution Mechanism

Fights and disagreements are a normal part of married life. Therefore, it is of great importance to identify ways to resolve any arising conflicts without destroying your relationship.

It can start with communication and progress to action. For instance, you should count up to 3 seconds before saying hurtful words to your partner. Three seconds is enough time for you to rethink, reconsider, or reword your statements and can save your union by ensuring you do not fuel the existing feud farther.

In the same light, it’s wise not to heat ‘below the belt’ when arguing. That is, saying something more hurtful to your partner simply cause they’ve hurt you. Mostly, these actions or words are based on a partner’s weak point, or areas that make them tick in a bad way. Silverlining, as long as you both been married, it’s easier to identify those points and thus can forge your resolution mechanism without aggrieving your mate.


3. Keep Flirting

Well, this has to be extended to embrace the whole physical intimacy.

However, the point remains the same – Keep it going even after you settle.

Remember how you used to do it? Sending those naughty texts often, sending sex pics from the blues; spicing things up in the bedroom, and so on?

While flirting create an expectation of intimacy, getting involved romantically with your partner will help too. Therefore, develop a habit of hugging each other whenever you meet after a long day and sometimes kiss too. Note, the skin has a great memory in which case a ‘good touch’ translates to love when ‘no-touch at all’ shows neglect!

Another healthy relationship tip under this is making it a habit to get to bed at the same time which will increase the chances of you making out. Similarly, snuggle and cuddle in the morning before the earlier bird in the relationship can better kickstart the day.


4. Do The Dishes

As you may have realized there is nothing as boring as a routine, and that’s what doing home chores is – an endless cycle of repeating the same thing!

Therefore, contribute to doing chores every now and then. Take responsibility to clean after everyone especially when your partner is unwell or just not in the mood to do the cleaning. It shows you’re responsible and caring which can be appealing to your love.

While at it, you can develop the habit of cooking with your partner. It is fun, intimate and creates a sense of love and deep connection especially when the food is served and eaten with the TV off. If cooking together is not possible due to time constraints, you can make it a habit of cleaning when your partner cooks and vice versa. Do you know that as simple as that healthy relationship tip is, its lack has contributed to numerous divorce cases?


5. Travel Together

Whether it’s walking side by side or boarding a plane; traveling is such a great way to have a healthy relationship.

This tip is, in fact, a no brainer.

I mean you have had those conclusions, right? When you meet a supposedly happy couple walking in a park but one partner keeps dragging or lagging behind the other. Remember what you thought when you saw that?

And you’re not to blame, no, for in a happy relationship; the couple should be proud of being in each other’s company in public.

Besides, traveling together helps you discuss things in unison as you discover and break barriers together. Travelling doesn’t mean travel far abroad (although that sounds more fun!). Just travel within your country or go hiking & camping together!


6. Compliment Each Other

Regardless of their gender, everyone desires to be complimented every now and then. Complimentary is in fact a very important psychological element in a marriage.

So, if she put her best forward when dressing for that dinner date, don’t just assume; give a verbal compliment praising her look.

Similarly, if he brought 2 liters of cow’s milk on his way back home; remember to be grateful. Don’t go out of the way to start complaining about how you wanted goat milk instead.

The key, however, is to focus on genuine compliments as they are real and effortlessly compared to those that are farfetched.


7. Celebrate Each Other

Just like compliments, it pays to know that your progress is recognized especially by your significant other. Therefore, celebrate each other’s success, milestones, and efforts to change for the better.

To pull this through, it’s important to focus more on what your partner does right as focusing on the negative can ruin a well-intended celebration. Check this ‘7 Things To Compliment Your Partner On More Often If You Want Your Relationship To Last‘ to learn some tips on compliment!


8. Be Honest

Some claim that there’s nothing that kills a relationship like honesty, but is that true?

Well, I think it all depends on your reason for getting into the relationship.

And when it comes to genuine unions, honesty is key. It’s that transparency that helps create and maintain trust. It also helps make forgiveness a default mode. Besides, the truth is what’s always easy to remember!

With an atmosphere of honesty, you’re able to share whatever it is that’s bothering you and trusting your partner to understand and be supportive. That’s important as letting things build up limit the degree in which we can love others.


9. Communicate

Now, this is a key healthy relationship tip right here for there’s nothing that kills a union like miscommunication or lack thereof. From the usual ‘goodnight’, ‘good morning’, ‘bye’, and ‘I love you’ to those long detailed conversations with regards to your short and long term goals as a couple.

That means you should not go investing in a hedge fund without notifying your partner. Or go taking on a second family without discussing with your partner first. Yes, even when you cheat and unfortunately happen to contract an STD, tell your partner. The rule is usually simple, if you’re a man/woman enough to lay there and get it, be a man/woman enough to inform your partner.

No matter what, communicate as communication is a vital key to you having a healthy relationship!


10. Keep Learning About You & Your Partner

They say relationships and more so marriages are a school from which you’ll never graduate, and they are right.

Dr. Gary Chapman crafted a great piece regarding 5 love languages couples can express their language of affection and love. To identify your love language, you need to understand yourself and figure out what makes you feel loved and loved. While at the same time, you’ll need to understand your partner’s love language.

To expound on that, your relationship’s success is based on three pillars: knowledge, understanding, and wisdom. Knowledge means gathering information with regards to yourself and your partner; anything that makes you tick or go ‘coo-coo’. Understanding then comes in where you comprehend the information obtained. Then there’s wisdom that involves the application of the comprehended information.

Ideally, you can apply what you do not understand and you cannot understand what you do not know!


Wrap Up

Happy couples develop different habits compared to their counterparts. And it all starts with the aforementioned healthy relationship tips. Note, having a happy relationship is a choice that requires massive work but it is all worth it.



Don’t Let Boredom In Relationship Got You

Boredom can mean a lot of things in a relationship. Here are some clues that you can use to treat boredom when you are in the situation. Sometimes, boredom in a relationship can be frustrating, boring, and no fun at all.

Try some new activities

Do something together is the main factor to maintain a good relationship. However, doing the same things routinely can make you feel bored. Try to think on exciting things both of you will like to enhance relationship satisfaction. For example, you can try new and romantic activities together such as sky diving, taking a weekend trip, riding motorcycle in the evening.

Use humor in your daily life

Use laughter in your life to prevent boredom in your relationship. When you make your partner happy, you will make her day a little more interesting.  She would be happier than living in a dull nature of day-to-day life. It would make your daily life less tense. Believe me; she will be truly enjoyed the moments with you.

Make dates
You have no time to see each other during the week? You can try to allocate some time during the day to meet you partner. Both of you will appreciate it more. For example, you can both meet up near office for lunch or dinner.

Talk to other people
By seeking advice on how other people react with similar situations can provide us some new ideas to overcome it. Hopefully, it will change the existing situation. New ideas can be useful to bring back romance in a relationship. She will thank you for your efforts and try working together with you. For example, seek advice from your family members and friends on how to overcome boredom in a relationship.

Boredom is easily overcome by the suggestions above that couples can use to bring back the romance.