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As part of our initiative to help people to live a meaningful life, we want to infuse the ideas of innovation into our lifestyle blog. Perhaps, this idea is universal & can be applied to your personal life, workplace, or even in business practices.

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Developing innovative skills lead you to blue-sky thinking that promotes creativity, enhance your personal life, workplace, business performance, and get ahead of everyone.

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Planning & Modelling Innovation

Planning & Modelling Innovation

Photo by Essentialiving on Unsplash   Every organization needs to innovate to keep pace with a changing world. But unless you know where what...

Setting a Pace & Directing Innovation

Setting a Pace & Directing Innovation

Photo by Suganth on Unsplash In order to manage the process of making innovation happen, it’s important to understand innovation and the different...

The Innovation Terminal

In today dynamic and turbulent world, organization face a stark challenge – change or perish. Unless they keep renewing their products and services and update the ways they create and deliver them, they risk being overtaken by competitors. Innovation – the process of change – is critical to the success of all organizations, large or small, in both the private and public sectors.

Most managers understand the importance of the topic. But making it happen requires a systematic, hands-on approach. We have to learn to manage innovations, and here we provide a framework of innovation include developing a clear strategic vision and communicating it, searching for innovation triggers, choosing a balanced portfolio of projects, and delivering these projects on time and within budget.

Innovation is about human creativity, organized and applied across the organization. As a manager, you need to understand how the innovation process works and how you can mobilize this creativity. By using the guidelines and tools in this site, you will develop the skills you need to become an architect of change within your organization.

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