Photo by Jens Thekkeveettil on Unsplash

The culture of Malaysians here, once they are married, they’d have stayed at home bunch. What happened to the hype life they used to have when they were single? This happens almost instantaneously after marriage, especially for women. For men, it is more or less the same. They become house bum at night.

Sadly the Malaysian clubhouses are very limited to just bars and dance clubs. The only breakaway for jazz and blues aficionado like me would be just at the coffee houses like Starbucks, that if and only if that particular Starbucks decided to turn on the volume on jazz that day. If not, I will be just hanging there to drink coffee and listen to the ever-so-usual music constantly played over the radio.

Hotel clubs and Hardrock cafes mostly serve live band for its customers on certain days. But I am not a fan of a live band. I prefer to have good company, chat, and laugh and drink away.

It is already extremely stimulating to listen to good jazz. Liquor is hardly necessary. And yes, if they have a dance floor, you and I could just salsa or samba away until they close shop.