Upgrading a laptop is not as easy as upgrading a desktop computer. Often desktops are assembled. The mechanics who assemble the desktops normally leave enough space inside the assembled computer for future up-gradation. But laptops come in a compact form and they are mostly branded and purchased by common users and not assembled like PCs.

So, upgrading a laptop, especially at the hardware level is quite a difficult task. So, you see that you need the help of an expert laptop technician to upgrade your laptop. Actually, if you plan to upgrade your laptop in the future you must plan it at the time of purchase and buy such a laptop, which is upgradeable in the future.


1. Upgrading The Software

At the software level, a laptop is as upgradable as a desktop computer. Sometimes computers, be it a desktop or a laptop needs to be upgraded at the software level. The operating system of the laptop may be needed to be upgraded to an enhanced version to add to the functionality and speed of the machine. More often the antivirus protecting the computer needs to be upgraded for enhanced protection against newer forms of viruses and malware. The installed software needed for the operation of the user need to be upgraded from time to time for better functioning. These sorts of up-gradation are not a problem and you can trust a laptop technician to do the job for you.


2. Compatibility Of Hardware

The real problem arises when the laptop is too old at the hardware level to support the latest versions of the operating system or the software installed in it. For example, the latest version of the software may need more RAM to operate than that is installed on the laptop. Or the latest operating system may need a speedier upgraded processor or more space in the hard disk to be installed and function smoothly. In such cases if the laptop is not upgradable, mostly they are not, then abandoning the machine is the only alternative left with you.


3. Upgrading The Hardware

Upgrading of a laptop at the hardware level can be done in certain cases. Nowadays some laptops are fitted with SSD (Solid State Disks) instead of the old fashioned magnetic hard disks. These SSDs give the laptop more or less three advantages. Firstly, they are lighter. Secondly, they consume less power. And thirdly they as faster. Some users of older versions of laptops are replacing their HDDs with these SSDs, which is an up-gradation that can easily be done by an expert laptop technician.


4. Upgrading Laptop Display

Another form of updating that can be performed is a laptop LCD replacement. Your display, the LCD may be damaged owing to some accident. Or they may become blurred due to prolonged use. In such cases, the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) can be replaced by an expert laptop technician.


So, we see that upgrading a laptop at the hardware level is not as easy as upgrading a desktop computer. Although upgrading at the software level is not that difficult but in both cases, we need the help of an expert laptop technician to perform such up-gradation on our behalf. So do not take any chance with your laptop and get in touch with the true professional expert laptop upgrade service in Malaysia today for the best results.