Malaysia Fashion Brands

The Fashion industry of Malaysia has been growing and improving day by day and becoming the hub of globally-known brands. Including apparel products, there are many designers introduce themselves in the footwear industry and made their brand famous worldwide.

Malaysia has produced many famous brands that are often considered as foreign brands, but you are at mistake. While walking in the shopping mall you will see worldwide known brands like Nike, Gucci, Chanel and a lot of others. Now, here I am revealing the secret of 5 fashionable worldwide brands that you may not think belong to Malaysia.


Bonia Malaysia Fashion Brand

1. Bonia

Categories: Fashion, Retail, Shoes & Leatherwear
Headquarter: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
CEO/Founder: Chiang Sang Sem
Founded Date: 1974


Isn’t Bonia Italian?” whenever this brand click into the mind, we directly think of beautifully crafted Italian leather goods but I am sure you never get a chance to know that this internationally brand is Malaysian. Bonia, a luxury Malaysia fashion brand has a great collection of bags, shoes, wallets, watches, and fashion accessories. Moreover, it has nearly 700 sales outlet across Asia and this brand operates in 15 different countries. In total, Bonia Corporation has approximately RM500 million market capitalization worth.


Wedding Lewre Malaysia

2. Lewré Bespoke

Categories: Fashion, Manufacturing, Retail, Shoes
Headquarter:  Malaysia
CEO/Founder: Lew Voon
Founded Date: 1977


Now I am sure that plenty of you are familiar with Lewré Bespoke, it’s an international Malaysian fashion shoe brand which is famous for their stylish designs & quality comfort. Lewré products have been much known among celebrities and also participated in global trade fairs and the London fashion week. Lewré Bespoke has also won awards as SME brand of the year by Putra Brand in 2011. This Malaysia fashion brand considers unique because of its masterful crafts and energy to lead the shoe industry into new heights.


Christy Ng Malaysia Fashion Brand

3. Christy Ng

Categories: Fashion, Shoes, Wedding
Headquarter:  Malaysia
CEO/Founder: Christy Ng
Founded Date: 2011


Christy Ng is a Malaysian shoe brand specialized in custom-made shoes, wedding shoes, high heel shoes and leather footwear. It’s a personal brand which is gaining popularity in the shoe industry in Malaysia. This custom brand allows customers an opportunity to design their own dream shoes by picking up the shoe fabric, style, heel size and much more. Due to this brand, wonderful design concepts its design go viral on social media and Facebook page gained thousands of likes within the first month. The shoe price range varies from RM120 to RM300 and custom made shoes start from RM600.

4. Fipper

Categories: Fashion, Shoes, Lifestyle
Headquarter:  Seri Kembangan Selangor, Malaysia
CEO/Founder: Jack Lim
Founded Date: 2008


Fipper is a manufacturer and distributor of natural rubber sandals. It has opened 45 outlets both internationally and in Malaysia. Slippers play a big part in our everyday life and Fipper provides you with the most colourful plus supper comfy rubber flip flop. Furthermore, each pair is produced with a commitment to bring the buyers the highest of quality, comfort, and affordability. Fipper represents trendy lifestyle through their distinctive products – full of colours. This brand is recognized by The Malaysia Book of Record as The Most Multicoloured Slipper produced in Malaysia with 109 multi-coloured slippers.


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British India Malaysia

5. British India

Categories: Fashion, Lifestyle, Clothing
Headquarter:  Malaysia
CEO/Founder: Pat Liew
Founded Date: 1994


Because of its name, you can judge it’s a British brand or maybe Indian. But you will surprise to know that it’s a Malaysian brand which you can hardly think of so the example perfectly fits here that never judge a book by its cover. This brand is one of Asia’s influential lifestyle brand which merges luxury and comfort, timeless designs and superior quality for an elegant appeal. Till date, it has more than 40 outlets across Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand and the Philippines. Now, they have expanded their product line into 6 main apparel categories according to lifestyle demands like Traveler, classic, woman, adventurer and yoga.