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A student is often under a lot of stress. Examination, coursework, co-curriculum, academic or you might even struggle from a series of housework. Just right after all these stresses; you started to indulge yourself with food. Ice-cream, chocolate, burger, pasta and the list still go on!

You pretty sure this isn’t a good idea for a healthy lifestyle. In addition, some busy students will find it even harder to have proper meals let alone a healthy meal. Day by day, your body is giving out the signal to inform you they couldn’t function well without sufficient nutrition for a college student.

No matter which type of scenario you are in, take good care of your health is no doubt bringing you more benefits. Similarly, you should not be worried about your financial problem; a healthy life doesn’t mean you got to go to the fitness centre every day or consuming all multivitamin as much as you can. In fact, eating healthily is a simple step for healthy living where it also helps you to better cope with stress and gets better grades. Below are some ways to start a healthy diet.


Never Skip Breakfast

Nutritionist always stressed on the importance of having breakfast. Recent studies show that skipping breakfast decreases academic achievement. When students were asked for the reasons for skipping breakfast, the most popular reason is definitely that they are late. This should not be an excuse for you to skip your first meal!

In fact, simple, healthy living can just begin by grabbing a piece of fruit or drink some juice in the morning which doesn’t take you much time. Most of these items can be easily stored in your hostel room. For instance, keep some apples in your room and grab them as your breakfast when you are in a hurry.


Healthy Food for College Student
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Healthy Snacks

How frequently do you have snacks? Chips, fries, chocolate, candy. Are these your favourites? We are not telling you to cut down all the snacks. Choices are in your hand, choose wisely between your snacks is the key to a healthy lifestyle. Starting from today, learn to choose healthy snacks instead of all the ‘fat’ and ‘sweet’. Students can actually keep some healthy snacks in their room. In this way, if hunger strikes when you are studying at night, you won’t be tempted to take those unhealthy snacks.

Consider buying some fresh or dried fruit, oats, whole wheat crackers or nuts to take them as snacks. Most of these healthy snacks can be kept for a longer period. Meanwhile, it is much better if you can purchase some raw vegetables with low-fat yoghurt to make the salad at night. Believe me, made up your mind to consume healthy snacks will eventually lead you to a healthy body.


Eat Plenty of Foods Rich in Calcium

Students are young to absorb all kinds of nutrients they eat. Balancing up your body is important to stay away from muscle weakness, dry skin and dizziness- symptoms of malnutrition. Our body needs a bundle of calcium. It is not naturally produced by our body; hence we need to take in vitamins and supplement or from certain food that we consumed.

Therefore, it is important for students to start building up stores of calcium in their bodies to prevent osteoporosis when they are old. Some calcium-rich foods are sardine, spinach, soybean, cereal, grains, milk and others. Do not like milk? You can try sufficient amounts of low-fat yoghurt or cheese in your diet because it offers a different taste.

It may be difficult to manage your own meals. You need to find time to shop, know what ingredients to buy, prepare the food and do the cooking by yourself. Though, you will soon get used to it. One important tip while buying food is to check on the nutrition label which can be easily found on the food packaging.


In Short

Avoid choosing foods with too much-saturated fat, sodium, sugar and preservatives. Spend some time to plan your daily meal; a healthy meal will lead to a happy and healthy life. Remember, health requires healthy food. Eating less or diet doesn’t equal to a healthy body. In fact, eating right is the most essential key. We hope you enjoy your day with our nutrition tips!