Featured Photo by Erika Lanpher on Unsplash

Back in the old days, when people go through days in the absence of knowledge about science and technology, they had no clue why bad things happen and didn’t know what they could blame on. It’s easier to compose a rumour made out of their ignorance and second-hand information took hold of their belief, and some of them even made everyday routines to bring good luck or prevent bad omens. Fortunately, most of these beliefs were passed on to their children and grandchildren and have ceased to exist in this era. Here are some old superstitions a few of you might still believe.


1. 7 Years Of Bad Luck If You Break A Mirror

Luck and fortune work in a funny way. Often times, we create this routine and believe that if we do things in a certain manner, it would bring good luck and so we avoid things that could cause bad lucks to us. Over the years I’ve broken a few mirrors and I guess that explains why I’ve never won the lottery.


2. 13th The Unlucky Number

Now how Friday the 13th did become unlucky? The fear of this unfortunate day is rooted back to ancient times, where it is believed that 13 is an unlucky number and Friday is too, an unlucky day. Thus, the two combined and is believed to be an unfortunate day.


3. Pulling Out White Hair Will Make Ten More Grow In Its Place

I believe some part of this old tale is true. I plucked a white hair once and a week later I saw more white hairs grew. Maybe it depends on some people but only one strand of hair grows out of a follicle. So no, it’s scientifically illogical for ten more white hair to grow in the same place.


4. Itching Palm Means You’re Going To Get Some Money

An itch in the right palm signifies gaining money while in the left means the loss of money. That’s what grandmothers always say, so whenever I felt an itch on my right palm we would go to the lottery and buy us a ticket. We have yet to win.


5. Step On A Crack, Break Your Mother’s Back

This was a rhyme I learned when I was a kid. I’ve always thought of it as an innocent, childish game but I remember avoiding cracks in the street fearing the repercussion of the belief. I recently learned that the rhyme came from the late 19th Century racism. Now, who would’ve thought of that!


6. Crossing A Black Cat’s Path Brings Bad Luck

This is a timeless myth. Black cats are often associated with bad lucks, not to mention that they are mystical, creepy and even evil. It’s always unpleasant having to cross a black cat at night alone, sometimes, making us shudder on what’s going to happen next.


7. Blow Out All The Birthday Candles In A Single Blow

My mother always told me to take a really deep breath before blowing out my birthday candles and my wish will come true. For some reason, this is a comforting belief and there’s really no harm in trying. I know of a few people who still believe this, in fact, I might be one of them. One of these days, one of those wishes ought to come true.