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Most of us do not realise that we possess the ability to save other people’s lives. Many may say that this is impossible as we are not superheroes with power like Superman or Spiderman. However, it is possible, and any of us can save other people’s lives by donating our organs or tissue.

Unfortunately, people are not stepping forward to donate their organs or tissues. There are a lot of hopeful patients in the hospitals and medical centres, many of them are in the critical stage, waiting for a kind donor to donate an organ or tissue that could save their lives. Many would still be alive today had they received the much-needed lifesaving organ or tissue.


Types of Organ Transplantation

There are two types of organ transplantations. The first one is where organs such as liver, pancreas or kidney are transplanted from living donors to other patients. The second one is where organs and tissue such as hearts, lungs, corneas, skin, and others removed from the bodies of donors.


Why People Don’t Donate Their Organ?

There are many reasons why people are not coming forward to donate their organs. For some, their religions may forbid organ donations. It is believed that the deceased may not rest in peace if his or her body is incomplete or any part of the body is removed. Some have a great fear of going for organ transplantations as they cannot stand the pain or even the sight of surgeries. Most people do not donate organs because of ignorance, selfishness and indifference.


In Short

Whatever the reasons may be, all of us realize that once we depart from this world. We no longer require our organs and tissues. Since they can be salvaged to save others’ lives, why not grab this opportunity to do one last good deed for others? After all, this is the ultimate humanitarian act of charity. So, it is indeed possible for anyone to be a superhero and save people’s lives. Learn how to register to be an organ donor here or visit the Malaysian Society of Transplantation for more information.


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