Photo by Tucker Good on Unsplash

Packing for a trip would be much easier when you plan ahead. For example, think about the weather, location and activities planned before you start packing so that you would not forget to bring anything important.


Predict the Weather

Check the weather forecast for your trip before you start packing. There is a difference between what to bring if the weather is hot and cold to ensure you are well prepared. For example, bring a sweater if your destination is snowing now.


Bring a pair of jeans

Jeans are comfortable for flights because the pockets are handy and thick enough to keep you warm in planes. Jeans is also suitable for trips because you can wear it anywhere you want. For example, use a tank top and pair of jeans and you will look great.


Pile first, and then pack

You must collect everything on your itemized list and place them around your suitcase so you can remove anything you do not need. Now, you can double-check with your checklist before stuffing all the items into the suitcase. For example, when it comes to extras, eliminate it.


Take your nicest things

Bring your favourite clothes with you.  You would not have to pack as much because it is easier to mix and match outfits you like.  For example, T-shirts and a pair of comfy shorts can be mix and match with everything.


Rolling vs. Folding

Once you have picked out what you need to bring, organize your clothes in bundles. There are two methods to stuff all the clothes into bags that are folding and rolling. Folded clothes are less likely to wrinkle but use more space. On the other hand, rolled clothes will decrease the chance of wrinkles. For example, roll tank tops in one bundle, tees in another, shorts in another to save space.


In Short

Trust me, a little planning and some good technique to stuff all your clothes are all you need to know.