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Is Parental Involvement really that important during childhood? 

Every parent strives to provide their kids with a better life in comparison to what they had. Be it financial stability, emotional stability, or just notable and effective support. The downside is, you can get caught up in the provision game leaving little to no time for you to be actively involved in their lives. 

Here’s a scenario, 

You just got a job offer. The job is demanding yes, but at least you get to put food on the table for yourself and your loved ones.  As a parent, you know you cannot have it all and so you result in hiring a nanny to help out with the kids.

The nanny drops the kids off to school, picks them up, and helps with their homework and other usual nanny stuff. However, there is this mother’s guilt that you feel and deep down you’re not comfortable with the lack of engagement you have with your children, and the fact that you are not giving much thought to their learning! 

Well, the guilt is a blessing in disguise, it will help you realise why parental involvement in kids early childhood education has several lifelong benefits and vice versa. The involvement at this stage provides the kid with a springboard on making their move to other stages of their life a more tranquil transition. 

Not convinced? Well, here are some facts that will make you think otherwise:


One: It Boosts Home-School Connection

Being actively involved in your kid’s learning experience makes you knowledgeable on most matters regarding their time at school. From the lessons learned to the games played. This comes in handy because at home, you can replicate or extend these activities which enhances their school experience and it helps connect you to their world.

On the same note, you’re able to pinpoint your kid’s strengths and weaknesses concerning school activities and thus, help them increase their confidence and competence. Besides that , school activities can provide you with cool ideas for career day, crazy hair day, children outings, amongst other kiddy occasions.

Most importantly, you’ll learn more about your kids` social life. Who they interact with, how they behave while being in school, how they handle individual and group work, etc.; making it easier to spot any ill behaviour in the early stages. 


Two: It Enhances Better Child Development

Early childhood education forms the basis for your kids educational career. That’s a big one, right? Here’s why: 

Research has shown that the more involved a parent is in their kid’s life, the more likely the kid would be able to succeed in the future. That’s to say, getting actively involved in their school settings gives you a sneak peek into how and what their world is like which is a vital part in  their development. 

So, instead of wondering why your kiddo cannot draw as neatly as Glen or speaks as fluently or as clearly as Jason; set aside some time to attend school with him. In doing so, you’re bound to objectively determine where he is at with regards to his overall development which will help you know more about him as well as appreciate his capabilities and the limitations. 

Also, you’ll discover his interests which you can help cultivate. Note, in some instances, a kid might be having a medical condition that could be affecting their way of learning. Through active engagement in their study patterns, the condition can be caught early bettering the odds of any treatment required. 


Three: It Enhances A Child’s Social Life 

Do you want your kid to be sociable, active and lively? 

When I say this I don’t just mean being an extroverted socially inclined individual. Don’t you want your child to know how to communicate and interpret others as well? Being socially active isn’t something you can push on a child when they aren’t, but being a part of their growth may help them come out of their own bubble and become someone greater than they once was. 

Feeling like involving yourself in your child’s growth by setting them up with a buddy? In doing so, you’ll be establishing a social network with other parents whose kids are of the same age tier as your child. Now, not only does that provide solace, but it can also create connections, friendships, and a more comfortable source of parenting information. 

This is important because kids learn mostly by observing people who are close to them such as parents. Therefore, they’ll be more likely to form their social networks too with fellow kids; which will be great in cases of necessary transitions, say from preschool to kindergarten. On a side note, kids are more willing to engage in an activity in the case that they have a friend to keep them company. 


In Conclusion

There are many reasons why involving yourself in your child’s life is important! hence there is no refuting that parental involvement in early childhood education is vital. If nothing else, take note of how engaged your parents were with your early childhood education and strive to do better. Every parent would want the best for their child so start involving yourself now! before it’s too late.