Water is vital for survival of humans, plants and animals in the world. Although water covers large percentage of the Earth, but water that is suitable for human consumption is very little. Water needs to be energy to process the water so that you can drink it. Fortunately, this is a list of ways to save water in your house.

1. Turn off water tap 
Bathroom uses 75 percent of the water used inside the home. Keeping the water on while you are not using can waste a lot of water. Turn the tap off when you are brushing your teeth, shaving mustache, washing your face and hands to save water.

2. Fix that leaky tap 
The sound of a dripping tap is very annoying and it wastes a lot of water. Some leaks are minor and it can be fixed by making minor adjustments. Check all your taps in the house so that it is working well. Imagine, a tap that drips at the rate of one drop per second will waste how many liters of water per day. 

3. Water your garden when necessary 
A good way to save water in your garden is to water it on alternate days. Another way is to collect rain water to water your plants. If you water the plants in the middle of the day, evaporation will happen preventing 14 percent of the water from reaching the plants’ roots. For example, watering the plants in the early morning or evening can save water efficiently. 

The above tips are easiest measures to put in place to save water and money on your utility bill.  We must save water today so, that water will be sufficient water supply available to  future generations. Water conservation should become part of everyday family practice as water is very precious to us.