Skincare, the most hot topic for women and men aside from makeup. The amount of money, time and effort that people put in dedication towards getting smooth and clear skin is on a rise. The average person wants skin that is like glass and devoid of spots that is as clear as day. It is only normal for the skincare industry to receive a boost in revenue and patronage. This sudden growth of interest within the skin care industry has attracted many people and corporate bodies to invest in the beauty industry. Starting a skincare brand of your own might be very tricky. There are certain laid-down procedures involved in the creation of such a brand and they would be extensively discussed as we proceed.



When opting to venture into the skincare industry, it is a necessity to conduct a proper survey in order to determine the needs of the targeted market, otherwise you might end up selling the wrong set of products. The needs of the market cannot be determined through mere hearsay, one would have to get firsthand information from potential customers on what they really need. Industry trends aren’t enough reasons to delve into a particular line of the skincare business as the industry is quite volatile with trends changing overnight.



After conducting a survey that determines a market’s needs, one has to settle for a particular product or range of products. It could be body creams, lotions or oils. For favorable results, it is the best to choose a particular market where you can conduct an extensive analysis regarding the existing structure in order to understand its strengths and weaknesses. When the weakness of any business is well understood, it becomes easier to come up with ways to break-even within the market. But, studying the weakness of a business isn’t all that you need to do.

A country like Malaysia has fairly strict regulations on what ingredients one is allowed to use in the production of skin care products. Even if your business model is to employ the services of any supplier of OEM Skin Care products in Malaysia, you must ensure that the ingredients of their products don’t flout the government’s rules. Doing this goes a long way in helping your brand avoid any legal troubles that may arise.



More often than not, skincare brands within Malaysia are not the real producers of the things they sell. Rather, they choose a reputable supplier of OEM Skin Care products and form business partnerships with them. Search for trustworthy products suppliers. This can be done by either establishing a connection with someone who already works in the industry or to directly approach a company that commercially manufactures OEM skin care products for other companies. When you do this, you’ll be able to have them agree to produce your own range of products with the ingredients they already have available.

Most of these companies or people in the business always have a provision to teach you on the right combination of ingredients while offering other tips on survival within the industry. With their wealth of experience, the experts take charge of the composition and leave you to attend to other brand issues like packaging, marketing and of course branding the product.

Try opting for a supplier that supplies cruelty-free or vegan based skincare ingredients to ensure your skincare is up to par with most individuals preference towards skincare and the environment. 



The Malaysian state is one that is quite strict with business permits regarding enterprises. You’ll need to consult with the concerned authorities in order to ascertain which licenses required for a skincare brand to begin operations. The nature of your business goes a long way to determine the types of licenses you’d have to acquire. A skincare brand definitely does not operate under the same license type as a restaurant. With all that done, one can begin business operations without the fear of any legal troubles in regards to the government agencies.

When all of these steps are duly followed, the business will be up and running. Then, one can concentrate on aggressive promotions to get the brand in front of the thousands or millions of the targeted customers.



Lastly, to ensure your skincare brand survives through the wave of other competitors it is advised to create a product or brand image that you’d be proud to use yourself and promote it with pride. Skincare is an essential within this modern world, without it people are prone to have bad skin days hence go for a product type that also supports sensitive skinned individuals. Ensure your product is excluded of parabens and alcohol so you can target a wider range of consumers. 

Keeping this advice in mind, we wish you the best in your endeavours with your new skincare brand!