SUMMER 2019 NEW Look

It’s been 6 years since D. Simple Life first published when we were sharing quarterly tips on life, health, and travel. Many things have changed along the way, with each transformation, we brought you the best we have, as we learn throughout the journey. This year, we made a leap forward by transforming the entire design into this fresh and new look, as well as much better content. With the 2019 Summer theme -‘Heart + Mind’, we want to give you the best experience. Let’s celebrate Summer 2019 with our New Look!




Hello Summer 2019

Another Summer

We have spent hundreds of hour every year before the summer to prepare new features or design on our blog. This year, we’re featuring a new design. Bringing this New Look to this Summer!

Good Ol’ Memories

The Blog that you used to love, is still here. Now, with even better & improve the content! We’re expanding the topics covering to a wider spectrum this year.

Welcome Summer - D Simple Life

Heart + Mind

Create with heart & made for great minds

D. Simple Life’s team has spent hundreds of hours to bring you the brand new experience for our blog site. Discover what’s new in this majestic summertime.

New Site Design



While simple is what we meant to be, so we just uphold that value to our website design.



We know you can’t leave your mobile behind, so we made the site responsive for all devices.


Easier Navigation

We made the site structure easier to navigate and access to improve the reader experience.


Improve Readability

We make the words larger and neater, with plain white background and easier to read fonts.

Better Content


Guides & Tips

Not everyone has time for a story session, so we give you only quick and effective guides and tips.


Topics & Category

With better topics and categories label, you will never loss in the jungle of blog posts again.


HD Images

We missed some beloved followers just because we don’t have a nice image, but not anymore!


Up-To-Date Content

We revised the old blog posts and make it better and more relevant to you in 2019.

Other Updates


Social Media

We also launched a brand new social media page and better social sharing icon to socialize with you!


Website Speed

Everything is about speed in this high tech era, so we want to make sure that our site load as fast as possible!


New Look Page

Well, the ‘New Look’ stuff is indeed new to us. So we want to include this in the list.


Security & Privacy

The increasing concern of cyber security & data protection has driven us to heighten our site security measurement to keep you safe.

So, what stays the same?


Our core value stays the same, serving great contents to our fellow Malaysians.

General Topics

The general topics of the blog posts remained – Lifestyle, Health, Travel, and Personal Finance.

Old Blog Posts

All the old contents are safe and sound in this new site, we just give them a slight polish.

Site Domain Name

The URL (www.dsimplelife.com) remained unchanged, so basically you’re still visiting the same site.

Is there any more changes?

At this moment, no more major update will be made. We will continue to update more blog post, but there will not be any more site update for 2019.

This is all we got for this year. All these changes and updates have been made with sweat and tear (no blood, by the way), especially for a bunch of non-tech savvy people here. So, we hope you really like it. Don’t be hesitate to shout us out at the contact form if you found any malfunction or error in the site, we would be thank you with a thousand hearts! See you around!

*P.S. We are working on more updates & introducing New for Summer 2020… Shhh… Don’t tell anyone about this yet. Just subscript to our mail list so you won’t miss another major update!

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New Design Icon - D Simple Life

Let us Know How’s The Blog Working

Is everything is working fine on the website? Do let us know if there’s something not right. If everything is working great, do share your though with us about the new look!