Photo by Filip Mroz on Unsplash

Previously I do not understand why most fitness gurus exhort cardio as part of the weight loss program, such as running on a treadmill to lose weight for overweight individuals, and now I know why. Based on my personal research on weight loss, I found out that cardio only benefited in the heart conditioning department plus the burning of the calories. Some even say it did not really boost metabolism as much as weight training or High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) does.

Nevertheless, after two months of consistent HIIT and weight training, I did not see much difference visually. Even though I felt stronger but my skin is still greatly wrinkled thanks to two births. Something is not right. Thus, I began to think of about going running again. There must be other reasons why running is great for weight loss. If not why would it is highly recommended by fitness guru to jog and fitness retailers to buy treadmills?

Hence, I decided to observe properly what does jogging does to me. One mind-blowing fact I dismissed earlier because I did not like the sensation after 10 minutes of running is the itching part under my skin. It was annoying (the main reason why I refused to run) but the itching is actually the most important factor in weight loss. The itching sensation that I feel is caused by the release of fat storage in the adipose cells (fat cells). I supported my theory with the ‘fat jigglelator’ fitness equipment.


The Fat Jigglelator

The fat jigglelator removes fats by jiggling or vibrating our body when we stand or sit on or wear it (and yes it comes in different trade names). The skin’s fatty layer will start to shake simultaneously releasing the fats stored. Consequently, the body could easily metabolise the fats and convert them into energy. The downside of using only the jigglelator is that we do not perform any exercises while standing on the machine. So, running actually does both; it helps to release that fat stored because of the jiggling and also to use up that fat stored as the person runs.