Photo by Holly Mandarich on Unsplash

To simply put it, hiking is just like going for a walk only you’re doing it in the wilderness. There’s nothing quite like the songs the birds sing, the earth under your shoes and of course, the adrenaline rush. But of course, the experienced hikers are well-versed in the bloodthirsty mosquitoes, poison ivies and other unpleasant encounters while going on hikes.

For those who plan on adding hiking to their list of activities (or only for a one-shot adventure), its best to read these tips first before putting on your hiking shoes.


Do your homework

Most mountains are located in a remote area. So, it’s fairly important to learn the terrain and the location of your destination. Each mountain climbing path is different, this also means different dangers. Make a note (even a mental one) of the types of animals that inhabit the mountain and the temperature of the location.


Building strength and increasing your stamina

Never underestimate a mountain hike- even a short one. It takes stamina and a perfect body condition to reach the peak. You want to work out a few weeks before the big day, invest your time in jogging and exercises that focus heavily on your legs. Going uphill, cold air and depleted oxygen are the biggest obstacles you would most likely have to face when going on a hike.


Acquire the gear

The gears needed for mountain hiking are essential; you could either buy them or get them hired. The gears could be a little expensive if you plan on purchasing them. So, if you’re not a frequent hiker, you might want to try hiring a few gears. Get yourself used to these hiking gears. Always be reasonable with what you plan on bringing. Remember, you have to carry everything with you all the way up.