Looking for some aestethic Chinese antique furniture to bring back the cultural sense in your living space? Before you get your hand on the shopping list, here are some tips that you should be consider when buying the Chinese cultural inherited furniture.


Look Out For Damage

Where a piece is most likely to be affected depends a great deal on what part of the furniture is most likely to be worn. The back of the chair or the upper section called the crest and the center supports, also known as the splats, are the most likely pieces to have been fixed or replaced. Chests of drawers, which can be bulky, were frequently pushed around instead of carried. If you see cracks in the wood, don’t be bothered. Due to temperature variations, wood can expand and contract over time.


The Craftmanship

Are you trying to buy a cabinet or an antique with doors? Open them and look at how they were made. That will show whether the antique was handmade or not. There may also be bigger cut markings on the inside of the front a drawer, where it touches the sides. These are called kerf marks. They signify where the cabinet maker cut out the dovetails to be added to the sides of the drawer in the drawer face. It’s kind of the residual marks made by the saw.

If you do not see dovetails, then it is likely that the piece is kept together with nails and glue, an indication that the piece was manufactured in a factory near the 20th century.


The Hardware

Do not forget to check the hardware too. When you pull out the drawer looking for dovetails. You are supposed to see a threaded post and a nut securing the brass to the front of the drawer when you take out a drawer and look at the back of the handle.


The Wood Quality

Whether you’re buying a refurbished or a newly crafted antique-designed furniture, the quality is always important. Your furniture should be able to last for decades, that’s the point of buying antique furniture, isn’t it? Otherwise, just got yourself a IKEA cabinet will be so much easier. Make sure it’s using solid wood and don’t be deceive by those seller that promote premium wood but actually selling you normal wood. Be educated with the wood quality, all the resources in on the web and you just need to search and compare the wood ring, colours, etc.


A Trusted Seller

By knowing all the tips to consider, you still need a trustworthy seller that will get you the genuine and ‘as advertised’ product. There’s so many counterfiet or deceiving antuique furniture in the market. Trying to con less knowledgeable consumer and take their money away. In Malaysia, we just knew that one of the genuine seller that sell only premium solid wood and with very good craftmanship – Great Wall Rosewood Centre – located in the Selangor. If you’re looking for the wooden antique furniture to spice up your home, get the one that you can trust!