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Often, parents and children find it hard to communicate with each other. Parents are scared whether they over-stepping their boundaries while children may think their parents may not be interested in their life. A number of simple steps for better communication between parents and children are listed s below.


1. Find a common topic with your parents

This is the easiest way to have a conversation with your parents. Find a good time and ask your parents questions about anything you need to know about these topics. For example, you and your dad are both into sports so talk about the game last night.


2. During dinner, try asking your parents about their day

You can be surprised at how easily they will talk to you when you ask them a simple question. Bear in mind that you have to open up to them also. For example, tell them what happened at school, or the new friend you met that you think your parents might like.


3. Respect them

Don’t act like you’re not interested in that topic and think that they probably will stop talking, and walk away. Use a respectful tone makes your conversation go smoothly. For example, do not shout at them as they are older and need more respect from you


4. Ask them for advice if you are facing a problem

By sharing your problems, you will be ‘friends’ with your parents, and the conversation will come easily. Be as precise as you can about what you think and feel about an incident. Give details so that parents understand your situation and finding solutions to help you.


In Short

Be sure to practice all those tips I have mentioned above so that there is two-way communication among you and your parents. Maintaining good communication keeps many misunderstanding away from both you and your parents.