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A lot of people would like to improve their English skills but they do not know how. Some would be getting up to high school (especially those from Chinese Primary), while some were preparing to improve themselves for career advancement, or simply just some personal goal to hit this year. So, if you too want to enhance your English skills, read these tips below and you’ll be amazed at how fast you can learn more English.


1. Take an intensive course

When you started the course, the knowledge you gained by speaking, listening are better than not taking that course. However, you cannot expect much improvement after attending a short course. For example, engaging in an English course will certainly be the first step in improving your skills. There is plenty of online courses out there for you to learn English comfortably at home.

British Council offers some great resources for you to start learning English for free and it’s suitable for all level of students. It can be learnt on multiple platforms, whether it’s on the website or on your mobile apps. They even have the designated path for you to master your English in all aspects, from reading, writing, comprehension, to speaking.


2. Read an English Language Newspaper

Fellow students, I can’t stress this anymore that reading newspaper is really going to help improve your English skills. Every week, buy a copy of English language newspaper and read all the articles inside it. If you come across to vocabulary and phrases you do not understand, write it down. Then, you can ask your English teacher after class to explain to you (if you’re too lazy to Google for the meaning). This way, you can learn new English vocabulary constantly. For example, make a habit of reviewing vocabulary after reading an English newspaper.


3. Watch Television in English

When you do have some free time, watch a show in English to improve your English listening skills and vocabulary. It is easy to find English channels on television nowadays. For example, if you watch a movie with English audio and English subtitles your English skills will improve very quickly.


4. Think in English

People tend to do this huge mistake when they are learning the English language. They like to think in their native language and then translate into English in their heads. English grammar and word order cannot be translated from another language directly.  For example, the direct translation from the Malay language to the English language is a mistake done by students often.


In Short

Learning English isn’t easy but those who are consistent will find English becoming easier as the day passes.