Guest Post

Guest Posting Requirement & Terms

To maintain the quality of our blog, we want bloggers to follow this requirement to ensure that the website is free from spam and only serve quality content to our reader. We understand that you want to use this to promote your website (promotion is allowed), but please make sure that your content is high quality & non-spammy.

If we found out that you’re not complying with the requirement, we will disable your account and delete your content from the website.

When you publish the content on the website, you agree to transfer the ownership of the article to You also agree to let us share this content on social media for promotional purposes.

We deserved the rights to make any changes to this Requirements & Terms.


Content Requirement

  1. We only accept original and unique content – if we discover that your content is plagiarised, we will delete the content & block your account. If you need to refer or quote other people content, make sure you use the quote features and use the hyperlink to reference the source.
  2. Your content should be more than 500 words and we only accept English content.
  3. All content publish must be free from grammar and spelling mistake – we will be checking with Grammarly.
  4. Your content should be properly formatted with headers.


Image & Media Requirement

  1. Every content must have at least ONE Featured Image with the size of 1200 by 800 pixels.
  2. If you’re using other people’s images, make sure that you add the source of the image. Make sure you obtain the neccessary permission and authorities to use the materials.
  3. Your image must be properly named before uploading to the website – name like ‘img-128.jpg’ is not allowed – please rename them into ‘guest-post.jpg’.
  4. You must add an ALT text to your image when posting the content. We would recommend to include the keywords in the ALT text.


External Link Requirement

  1. All your links will be ‘dofollow’ links, but you can only link once to your targeted URL in the content.
  2. All content should have at least two external links. You should link to relevant site apart from your targeted URL to increase the relevancy of the content (it will help with your SEO as well).


SEO Requirement

  1. No keyword spamming is allowed. If we found out high density of keyword in the content, we will remove the content immediately.
  2. Please make sure you complete the meta title & description under the Yoast SEO column. Once again, please do not spam keyword. If you not sure, input your keyword into the ‘Focus keyphrase’ in Yoast SEO, it will let you know if you over-optimized your keyword.



  1. If you produce good content, we will share them to our Facebook page as promotional activities.